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SLA 3D Printer Series

SLA 3D Printer Series

Stereo lithography Appearance (SLA) is a member of the vat photopolymerization family of processes for additive manufacturing. In Stereo lithography Appearance (SLA), UV lasers are used as the light source to selectively cure a polymer resin.

RSPro Series

The RSPro range of stereolithography machine for sale deliver accurate parts with excellent surface quality ideal for low to medium part runs at a lower cost per unit. RSPro2100 meets the increasing demand for large-format printing in automobiles, aerospace, and home appliances, offering high precision, consistency, and cost performance. The RSPro800 2.0 caters to small to medium-sized businesses requiring precision parts and high surface quality. The RSPro1400 3D printer, with its advanced dual laser scanning system, produces large, accurate, high-quality parts at a mass production rate.

PILOT Series

Pilot Series of UnionTech SLA 3D printer offer a new dimension in stereolithography, empowering users to collaborate and innovate to unprecedented levels. These stereolithography sla 3D printers boast an open design, enabling effortless access to materials and machine settings. UnionTech Resin Pilot450 SLA 3D printer is perfectly suited for medical applications, education, architecture & investment casting. UnionTech Pilot250 is a fantastic choice for high quality small/medium sized components in the prototyping sector.

Lite Series

The Lite series stereolithography products characterized by high precision and fast printing speed. Currently, they are applied in various industries including electronics and appliances, automotive manufacturing, aerospace, architectural design, toys and animation, precision casting, and so on. 

The Lite 2.0 version has upgraded the Lite600 in terms of optics, electronics, control software, and appearance based on the 1.0 version, making its advantages even more prominent in large-scale manufacturing. The lite800 stereolithography 3D printer for sale adopts a distributed control method, which improves the efficiency, stability, and scalability of the control system.

Footwear Industry 3D Printer

The application of 3D printing technology is a technological innovation for footwear manufacturing. UnionTech stereolithography SLA 3D printer can manufacture entities with complex shapes, realizing the integration of design and manufacturing. Through the collection and analysis of data, FM 660 allows the same shoe to be personalized in bulk within a short period of time. UnionTech Footwear SLA 3D Printer has broken the limitations of mold on the shape and performance of soles, making shoe customization more precise and even compensating for the shape of the foot. Buy SLA 3D printers and redefine the limits of manufacturing!

Other Industry 3D Printers

Unlock new possibilities in prototyping and manufacturing with our industrial SLA 3D printer. The stereolithography 3d printer for sale offers unparalleled precision, speed, and quality. With this cutting-edge printing solution, you can create intricate and detailed prototypes, parts, and models with ease. From industries like automotive, aerospace, and dental models to fashion, jewelry, and architecture, UnionTech stereolithography SLA 3D printer is perfect for a wide variety of applications. Its ability to produce complex geometries and fine surface finishes ensures that the end result is of the premium quality.

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