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Cultural and Creative Arts

The utilization of 3D printing technology in the domain of cultural and creative arts is highly stimulating, invigorating the field. Its purpose is to bring inspiration to life. UnionTech remains steadfast in fulfilling its obligations and duties to liberate artistic expression from the confines of conventional applications. It aims to overcome obstacles that hinder creativity and empower artists with limitless prospects for innovation.


3D Printing Technology in the Culture of Creativity

Cultural and Creative - 3D Printing Models

Compared with the plane reproduction taken by the camera, the application of 3D printing technology gives the model a more vivid "new life"! The finely crafted appearance and the excellent production of the interior make it very nearly 100% restored to the most authentic state of the model, and the ingenuity of excellence is only to make the creation more efficient and high-quality!


3D Printing Architectural Model


3D Printing Ship Model

Cultural and Creative - 3D Printing Advertising Props

The convergence of 3D printing technology and advertising props sparks unparalleled creativity. These props provide excellent visual appeal, offering a captivating visual feast. High-tech efficiency combined with eco-friendliness showcases the prowess of UnionTech's 3D printing, capturing a larger audience and creating unique product exposure.


3D Printing Cosmetic Carrier


3D Printing Lipstick Tube


3D Printing Packaging


3D Printing Peripheral Decoration

Cultural and Creative - 3D Printing for Soft Decoration

Home decoration design serves as a powerful expression of personal taste, and the integration of 3D printing technology intensifies the beauty that unfolds. High-precision and high-speed prototyping technology effortlessly presents intricately shaped and finely detailed products to the public. UnionTech's 3D printing brings the concept of "practical aesthetics" into reality.


3D Printing Durian Bunny


3D Printing Creative Flamingos Lamp


3D Printing Creative Hippo Sofa


3D Printing Creative Seal Sculpture


3D Printing Creative Elephant Sculpture

Cultural and Creative - 3D Printing for Action Figures and Toys

Toys, synonymous with childhood, benefit greatly from the support of 3D printing technology. In today's pursuit of diversity, personalization, and customization, the inclusion of 3D printing revolutionizes the traditional, tedious, and time-consuming production processes. It allows for the creation of novel and niche products that cater to the evolving tastes of modern consumers.


3D Printing Educational Toys


3D Printing Hulk Action Figure


3D Printing R&D and Production Toys


3D Printing Handmade Toys

Cultural and Creative - 3D Printing for Handcrafted Art

The introduction of 3D printing technology injects fresh innovation into the cultural and creative industry. From small blind box figurines to large eye-catching doll designs, these creative works of various shapes and sizes owe their existence to 3D printing technology. UnionTech, as the guardian of dreams, is committed to shining a brighter light on passion. Its unrestricted application in the cultural and creative industry constructs a vast creative paradise for artists.


3D Printing Bear Doll


3D Printing Action Figure


3D Printing Large Size Action Figure


3D Printed Large Size Action Figure


3D Printing Action Figure

Cultural and Creative - 3D Printing for Sculpture and Buddha Statues

Amidst the popularity of contemporary art, UnionTech remains dedicated to supporting and preserving traditional art and culture. By merging the spirit of craftsmanship with 3D printing technology, the limitations imposed by traditional craftsmanship are successfully shattered. The marvel of science and technology allows us to bridge the gap of thousands of years and communicate with ancient civilizations. Despite being separated by time, we share a common cultural heritage.


3D Printing Twelve Portraits


3D Printing Buddha Statue


3D Printing Western Art Sculpture

What Our Customers Say

Artist Renjie Lu

"Thanks to UnionTech Technology, our partner company, which utilizes the power of technology to flawlessly present design details through 3D printing. The exquisite and highly accurate finished products showcase the efficiency of UnionTech's technology. The rise of Chinese technology truly impresses me."


3D Printing the Original Shape of Shanhaijing Series - Yandi


3D Printing the Original Shape of Shanhaijing Series

Zhihang Qiao, Co-founder of Foxfire Model Studio:

"UnionTech's 3D printer delivers exceptional results. We use the π200 animation machine, and the printed 'scene sketches' and 'dinosaurs' maintain their shape and precision over time. This demonstrates the high stability of UnionTech's equipment and its perfect fit for creating handmade models."



3D Printing Scene Models

Jingguo Hong, the CEO of Huizhou Qihang 3D Technology Co., Ltd., 

"The advent of 3D printing technology not only addresses time constraints but also enables flexible modification of computer-based models. Currently, we can effortlessly create, modify, and add or remove elements in models as per customer requirements—a concept previously inconceivable. UnionTech's 3D printing solutions for the animation figure industry encompass equipment, software, and material research and development, effectively meeting customer demands for high-precision and high-quality figures."


3D Printing Process


3D Printing Action Figure Parts

3D Printing Case Studies

Xifeng Buddhist Statues

UnionTech 3D printing technology empowers sculptors in the Xifeng Buddhist statue industry, allowing for secondary sublimation of their artistry. Zhiliang Huang, the general manager of Xifeng Buddha Art Statues, has procured six sets of 3D printers from UnionTech, complemented by their 3D printing digital solution tailored for the sculpture industry. This combination has yielded exceptional results in Buddha statue production. Huang Zhiliang candidly describes it as an organic fusion of technology, religion, and art.

3D printing technology has successfully allayed creators' concerns regarding raw materials, time constraints, and physical exertion. It liberates their hands, enabling the realization of ideas and creativity. Additionally, Unionfab ONE, an application in the 3D printing field, facilitates one-click efficiency improvements and high-speed collaboration, garnering substantial recognition from numerous printing service companies and customers across various industries.


3D Printing Buddha Statue


Unionfab ONE Software System

Qucheng Creation - 3D Printing Service Company

Qucheng Creation, a 3D printing service company located in Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province, relies on UnionTech's 3D printing technology to deliver high-quality services to small and medium-sized enterprises. With the purchase of 20 sets of UnionTech equipment, Qucheng adequately meets its daily production requirements. Coupled with UnionTech Technology's one-click ordering platform, Unionfab ONE, and their independently developed pre-processing software, Polydevs, Qucheng experiences minimal faulty parts, leading to highly satisfied customers and virtually no product returns. Furthermore, from startup to product presentation, the process can sometimes be completed within a day, ensuring convenient production.


3D Printing Parts


Qucheng Creation staff

The Upper Body Portrait of Dali

Beijing University of Technology's Zhang Fei Printing Studio collaborated with UnionTech Technology to perfectly reproduce a upper body portrait of Dali using 3D printing technology. The printed statue faithfully replicates Dali's upper body portrait and incorporates a custom spray device for his distinctive beard. The 3D printed artwork was designed and produced by Yongjun Wang, a student under the guidance of Zhang Fei's printing room teacher, Wenyi Wang. This collaboration marks the first instance of UnionTech providing technical support to Zhang Fei's printing studio.


3D Printing Upper Body Portrait of Dali


3D Printing Transforms Dali's Beard

UnionTech 3D printing technology boosts the manufacture of beautiful model ships

UnionTech's 3D printing technology revolutionizes the manufacturing of exquisite model ships. Since 2013, Shanghai Xiumei Model Co., Ltd. has adopted UnionTech's 3D printing equipment, with over 30 light-curing 3D printers and several large-scale G1400 3D printers currently in use. unionTech's 3D printing technology not only enhances production capacity but also streamlines the production process. The company's impeccably crafted and lifelike products are exported worldwide. Shanghai Xiumei Model Co., Ltd. is the leading ship model production company in China, a member of the China Shipbuilding Industry Association and the China Shipbuilding Industry Association Ship Branch, and a governing unit member of the Shanghai Additive Manufacturing Association. The company has also obtained ISO 9001 quality system certification.


3D printing model


3D Printing Product Assembly Working Drawing


3D Printing Ship Model

The application of 3D printing technology resembles Pandora's box, continuously unveiling new novelties and surprises. UnionTech is committed to extensively exploring and cultivating captivating applications of 3D printing technology within the cultural and creative realm, enabling the realization of even more remarkable artistic creations.

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