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Liqcreate Premium White Resin and UnionTech Cute300 DLP 3D Printer

Liqcreate is a Dutch company that develops and produces 3D printing resin materials. The 3D printing materials it produces are suitable for various industries such as prototyping, manufacturing, animation, consumer goods, healthcare, and automobiles. UnionTech and Liqcreate are global strategic partners. At this year's TCT Asia Exhibition, Liqcreate's latest research and development results were displayed.

Liqcreate Premium White Resin and UnionTech Cute300 DLP 3D Printer

Liqcreate Premium White is an opaque white photopolymer with excellent UV-stability. 3D-printed parts from this material show no discoloration and stay perfectly white, even after long-term UV exposure. Liqcreate Premium White is easy to use on all open source LCD and DLP 3D-printers in the range of 385 – 420nm. This material has excellent properties like low shrinkage and low odor, which makes it ideal for the production of medical models, architectural scale models and miniatures.

Liqcreate Premium White Resin and UnionTech Cute300 DLP

Key benefits of Premium White

  • Adapt to 385-420nm wavelength LCD&DLP 3D printer

  • Opaque white

  • Superior stability

  • Suitable for parts requiring high detail

  • Low odor

  • Low shrinkage

  • Fast printing

Liqcreate Premium White Resin and UnionTech

UnionTech Cute300 is a DLP 3D printer with a high-definition industrial 4K optical machine. Liqcreate Premium White can perfectly fit this printer. The compatibility of Premium White and UnionTech Cute300 are explained on Liqcreate’s website.

Liqcreate Premium White Resin

Key benefits of Cute300

▷ Using industrial 4K optical machine, super large format 3D printer

▷ High precision, 50μm precision (above 90%) on the scanning surface, and good surface quality

▷ The use of replaceable mold resin tank greatly reduces the user's use cost

▷ Using a flat structure, easy to shovel parts, easy to clean

▷ Quiet, small peeling force, which greatly improves the success rate of product printing

▷ Semi-automatic power calibration, reducing customer's after-sales maintenance cost

▷ Fully automatic working mode, simple operation and maintenance

The Cute300 3D-printer is developed around an industrial 4K DLP system, realizing a large build envelope with high efficiency. Its build envelope of 249,6 x 140,4 x 240 mm with 65 micron pixel size, is made possible by its well-engineered 4K DLP processor. With this partnership, Liqcreate resins can be used on UnionTech’s new range of DLP and MSLA 3D-printers.

“The industrial 4K projector facilitates a larger build platform while maintaining highly accurate parts.” —— Ruben Bosch - Sales Executive, Liqcreate

UnionTech Cute300 DLP 3D Printer

3D printing + Medical

With the development of 3D printing technology becoming more and more perfect, its application fields are becoming wider and wider. 3D printing's high-reduction and high-precision digital features make it popular in all walks of life. 3D printing technology can directly transform 3D design models into real products. Compared with traditional manufacturing methods, it is more suitable for making small batches of customized products and products with complex shapes. Due to individual differences in the human body, surgical guides, medical implants, dentures and other medical devices have high requirements for personalized customization. Therefore, "individualization" builds a deep integration bridge between 3D printing technology and the medical industry. At this stage, the main applications of 3D printing in the medical industry include: 3D printed medical models for surgery and planning or teaching, surgical guides, surgical and oral implants, rehabilitation equipment, and biological 3D printed human tissues and organs. Liqcreate Premium White has stable performance and is very suitable for medical model applications.

Cute300 DLP 3D Printer

3D printing + Architecture

The 3D printed architectural model represents the architectural art in the form of miniature entities, faithfully expressing the structure of architectural ideas, and transforming the architect's intention into a concrete image. 3D printing has the characteristics of simple operation, fast and accurate molding speed. It can use simple and real materials to quickly build and shape entities, create detailed and accurate scale models, and can intuitively reflect the structure and size of the building. Relevant characteristics, effectively convey the unique concept of each design to the client, and have a good development prospect in the field of architectural design. The superior stability of Liqcreate Premium White can be perfectly applied to the field of architectural modeling.

Due to the continuous development of the 3D printing industry, the application fields in various industries are becoming more and more extensive, and its downstream market feels the cost and precision advantages brought by this technology, and its demand is gradually increasing. With the upgrading of high-end manufacturing, technological development and cost reduction, 3D printing technology will be applied to more downstream fields.

In the future, the development speed of the 3D printing material industry will become more and more rapid. The primary change that will follow will inevitably be the development of material manufacturers such as Liqcreate to a higher level of technology content and higher product added value. UnionTech will continue to search for high-quality partners around the world to provide our customers with better services.

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