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Uniontech™ Introduces the PILOT Commercial Series

UnionTech™ introduces the PILOT commercial series — specifically targeted for companies looking for high quality 3D printing equipment with excellent surface aesthetics, application range, ease of use — at an affordable price.

Shanghai Union Technology Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “UnionTech”) will launch its PILOT commercial series at the TCT Show, in Birmingham UK, September 26-28. The PILOT product line is targeted for additive manufacturers looking for high quality equipment with excellent surface aesthetics, application range, ease of use— at an affordable price.

UnionTech™  stereolithography (SL) equipment has evolved in a highly competitive environment consisting of direct technology competitors as well as significant cost pressure from a well- entrenched CNC machining industry since its pioneering entry to the 3D Printing market in China in 2000. Such competition has resulted in a range of UnionTech’s product offerings that is robust with low maintenance requirements, produces highly accurate parts, and is cost effective throughout its lifecycle.

Since a 2016 expansion to international markets UnionTech has identified a large segment of 3D printing users that would benefit from the versatile capabilities of stereolithography but are limited to other technology choices due to cost. This unmet need in the marketplace has led UnionTech to develop the PILOT series – specifically targeted for users that want the benefits from the excellent surface aesthetics, application range and ease of use of today’s SL technology with a product series deliberately priced for affordability and value.

The PILOT 250 will feature a 250mm x 250mm x 250mm platform, while the PILOT 450 series offers a 450mm x 450 mm x 400mm build platform. The PILOT series features open design for materials and build preparation software and has all the “industrial strength” capabilities of UnionTech’s RSPro production series. Typical features include scan speeds up to 12 m/s, layer thicknesses as low as .05mm, and accuracy of +/- .1% over part length.

Similar to the RSPro production series, the PILOT series of SL equipment features key components from globally recognized suppliers including Spectra-Physics, American Optowave, SCANLAB and Panasonic. Robust construction details include a granite re-coater frame, closed loop control of key operating parameters, pump fed refill capability, and a high efficiency vacuum re-coating system.

While the SL process is capable of directly producing prototypes across a broad spectrum of toughness, temperature resistance, and strength and stiffness for fit and function evaluations. There are broader ranges of stereolithography applications that include: prototype tooling for injection molding, patterns for investment casting to create near net shape metal parts, and metal plated composites capable of die cast metal properties that can be developed with a single piece of equipment. Today, with the affordable UnionTech PILOT series available in the marketplace, 3D printing users can produce a wider range of applications with a solid combination of “21st century” material and printer capabilities.

About UnionTech

For nearly 20 years, UnionTech stereolithography (SL) 3D printing equipment  has  been developed and manufactured in an environment of intense regional competition. The UnionTech product offering for the international market of today reflects the experience that has made it a global leader in stereolithography.

Our equipment is robustly constructed for low cost of ownership from the initial purchase onward while producing the highest quality parts. Parts produced on UnionTech SL equipment are highly accurate with excellent feature resolution and full density, smooth surfaces. A philosophy of open design relative to material usage demonstrates UnionTech’s desire to provide customers with the best available product solutions. Explore the fresh dimension in SL 3D printing that UnionTech makes available in a full line of commercial and production scale machines.

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