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3D Printing Prototyping

3D Printing Prototyping

Benefits of 3D Rapid Prototyping

Decrease Time to Market

The time it takes for an idea to move from concept to deliverable should be as short as possible. Replacing the traditional months or years of wait time in an iterative prototyping process with days or weeks is an obvious benefit of rapid prototyping. Compared to any traditional tool-based prototyping process, 3D printers can create the next iteration precisely from a slightly tweaked design file. Speeding up the design cycle essentially shortens the time to market for new products.

Testing and Improvement

Ideally, each 3D printed prototype will be a step better than the previous version. Experiencing a functional prototype gives you a fuller picture of the strengths and weaknesses of that particular design, allowing you to quickly approve or deny approval as it can be done through testing. Your team can test performance and understand the look and feel of each prototype, evaluating and refining any issues or usability risks while still in the pre-production phase.

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