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3D Printing Prototyping

3D Printing Prototyping

UnionTech, a leading company in the additive manufacturing industry, has pioneered the introduction of 3D printing technology from the laboratory to the market in China. Leveraging its technological advantages, UnionTech swiftly converts design concepts into product prototypes or finished parts, enabling product appearance evaluation, assembly verification, and the creation of complex model prototypes. This distinctive capability has not only attracted numerous partners but has also facilitated successful transformation in the manufacturing industry.


When it comes to printing industrial product prototypes, UnionTech's 3D printing technology stands out for its practical applications and exceptional proficiency. The employment of light-curing 3D printing technology has significantly enhanced the utilization of raw materials while effectively reducing overall production costs. This advancement effectively addresses the requirements of mass production, resulting in improved efficiency and high-quality innovation in industrial production.















3D Printing Industrial Product Prototypes

What is the evaluation of UnionTech's 3D printing technology by its partners?

Binghua Wen, Chairman of Dongguan Keheng Prototyping Model Co., Ltd., shares his perspective:
"Traditional CNC typically takes a week for delivery, whereas 3D printing can be delivered within a day. Unlike CNC, 3D printing does not require manual intervention, thereby reducing labor cost loss."



Keheng 3D Printing Factory

Rich Proctor, Managing Director of AME-3D, expresses his views:
"After careful consideration and thorough screening, we selected UnionTech's 3D printers from among numerous brands primarily due to their exceptional quality, user-friendly operation, stable performance, and excellent after-sales service. We were thrilled upon receiving the new 3D printing equipment. RSPro800 and Pilot450 far surpassed our expectations, and we believe they will generate greater value for us and enhance our customer service."


AME-3D Engineers Use UnionTech 3D Printer - RSPro800

What are some application cases of UnionTech's 3D printing technology in the field of prototype manufacturing?

The acceleration of industrial upgrading in the prototype industry through 3D printing technology

Dongguan Keheng Prototyping Model Co., Ltd., a well-known domestic prototyping company, introduced UnionTech's SLA 3D printer RS4500 into its processing workshop in 2011, heralding a transformative wave. The company expanded its machine count from two in 2013 to fourteen in 2014 and over thirty machines in 2015. These machines significantly enhanced Keheng's daily production efficiency, enabling seamless handling of mass production and facilitating the enterprise's goal of upgrading and transformation.


3D Printing a Large-scale Mech Warrior More Than 2 Meters High

Successful acquisition of UnionTech SLA printing equipment by the British AME Group

AME Group, a 3D printing service company based in Sheffield, UK, confronted the limitations of traditional manufacturing processes and made a resolute decision to enhance its additive manufacturing capabilities. Consequently, it procured two SLA 3D printers from UnionTech. The arrival of these devices not only expanded the production capacity of AME-3D but also improved its overall service capabilities. This application further demonstrated the quality and reliability of UnionTech in overseas markets.


AME-3D uses UnionTech RSPro 800 to print large format industrial prototype


3D Printed Industrial Parts

If we delve deeper into the applications of 3D printing technology in prototype manufacturing, we would discover a multitude of possibilities beyond the aforementioned cases. In the future, 3D printing will continue to play a pivotal role, unlocking newer and more convenient applications in diverse manufacturing sectors, thereby propelling progress in numerous industries.

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