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3D Printing in the Medical Field

3D Printing in the Medical Field

Under the influence of the current general environment, the development of the medical industry has become more and more important, from individual health physiotherapy to the comprehensive strength of the country, every aspect is inextricably linked with it! Therefore, making medical treatment more efficient and intelligent has become the general trend of current development! Since its entry into the medical industry, UnionTech has continued to improve and innovate its own technology and products. Its wide application and remarkable effects in the medical industry have won numerous praises. In the future, UnionTech will still stay true to its original aspiration and forge ahead to promote a new direction for the development of the country's and the world's medical care!


What medical fields can 3D printing technology be applied to?

① 3D printing medical model

Compared with the planar results produced by traditional medical equipment, the intervention of 3D printing technology can allow doctors and patients to understand the specific image of the lesion more intuitively. The application of this technology not only greatly improves the efficiency of medical diagnosis, but also can effectively reduce the risk of surgery and protect the life and health of patients. It can be said to kill two birds with one stone!


3D printed heart model


3D printed orthopedic model


3D printed blood vessel model


3D printed brain model


3D printed hand model

② 3D printed surgical guide

It is said that "a clever woman cannot cook without rice", similarly, for a doctor, excellent auxiliary tools can make the operation more reliable and secure! The application of 3D printing technology on the surgical guide plate enables it to easily cope with complex and diverse designs and the individualized medical needs of patients, thus making medical treatment more targeted!


3D printing dental implant guide


3D Printing Dental Implant Guide

③ 3D printing rehabilitation equipment

The application of 3D printing technology in the medical industry has successfully met the private customization needs of patients. It can print more fitting and accurate rehabilitation appliances according to the patient's own physiological structure. This change has greatly improved the patient's experience and rehabilitation efficiency. It provides a strong guarantee for the development and progress of the medical field!


3D printed rehabilitation appliances


3D printed bionic hand


3D printed hearing aids

④ 3D printing dental appliances

As an important field in the medical industry, dentistry has always attracted much attention. In the process of oral treatment, the application of 3D technology can be said to be indispensable. Whether it is a guide plate, a temporary crown, or the printing application of various oral appliances such as orthodontics, there is no pressure, and a more accurate and efficient form is used to create a more suitable personalized diagnosis and treatment for patients, making 3D printing technology an important part of the oral cavity. A big "group favorite" in the industry!


3D printed oral model


3D Printing Planting Guide


3D printed oral wax-up

⑤ 3D printed medical devices

The rapid development of the current medical industry has led to a sudden increase in the demand for related equipment. Compared with the problems of slow efficiency and high error rate in traditional production processes, the integration of 3D printing technology has successfully resolved these problems. On the premise of ensuring the accuracy of its prototype, it makes mass production at your fingertips, thereby meeting the ever-increasing demand for equipment in the medical industry.


3D printing medical equipment


3D printing vein imaging device

⑥ 3D printed medical implants

There are two main applications of implants in the medical industry, in vivo implantation and in vitro implantation. The introduction of 3D printing technology makes the production of in vitro implants more precise and adaptable, and can easily meet the personalized manufacturing needs of implant prototypes for patients with different diseases, making medical treatment more worry-free.


3D printed medical implants

What are the application cases of UnionTech 3D printing technology in the medical field?

① UnionTech and Shanghai University teachers and students join hands to help the frontline of the epidemic

At the anxious moment when medical resources were scarce due to the raging epidemic, the School of Mechatronics Engineering and Automation of Shanghai University was ordered in a critical situation. After receiving the demand for "goggles" from the hospital, it quickly joined hands with UnionTech Technology and used 3D printing technology to make samples on the same day. Come to supply the front-line medical staff and provide assistance within our ability to tackle the epidemic. With its advantages of high efficiency and precision, Luentech 3D printing technology has become a reliable guarantee for the supply of medical equipment!


Medical staff wearing 3D printed goggles


Goggles and face screens for 3D printing developed by Professor Hua Zikai

② UnionTech's 3D printing technology helped Yunhan Xincheng's "forehead temperature gun" product pass the test

On the morning of February 11, 2020, Yunhan Xincheng officially received the commission from the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology to develop a hand-held body temperature tester for epidemic prevention and control. The development and testing of the forehead thermometer was completed within ten days and it was put into use, providing sufficient supplies of medical supplies for the control of the epidemic.


3D printing forehead temperature gun experiment


3D printing forehead thermometer test

③ UnionTech helps Indian start-ups develop new product applications

In order to help the blind get rid of the shackles of walking sticks and experience a more convenient guiding experience, a start-up company in India has developed a wearable blinding guide product using UnionTech 3D printing technology. The application of this product has successfully replaced the traditional walking stick belt and brought good news to more blind friends. The integration of Luentech's 3D printing technology has brought this creative idea to a concrete display, and it is also the mission of Luentech to be committed to bringing more companies the potential and opportunities for unlimited development!


3D printing wearable guide products for the blind

④ UnionTech enables the miraculous 3D printing to realize accurate preoperative simulation

Southwest Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., as a first-line medical equipment research and development and production company in China, has set its sights on the field of 3D printing technology when pursuing the preoperative simulation effect of customized treatment. In order to create products with more accurate and real details, it decisively chose to join forces with UnionTech to produce more high-quality medical models by using UnionTech's light-curing 3D printing technology.


3D printed simulated heart


3D printed simulated head

⑤ With the combination of software and hardware, UnionTech makes diagnosis and treatment more accurate

UnionTech has teamed up with Yingwei Medical Technology Co., Ltd. to provide it with high-precision, high-quality 3D printing equipment to make its product output more accurate and real. Cooperating with the internal data pre-processing and operating software of the printing equipment, it provides a higher level of product accuracy. The complementarity of software and hardware has provided a steady stream of power for the subsequent development of medical care!


3D printed head and jugular arteriovenous scanning pathology map

The application of Union Tech 3D printing technology in the medical field is not only a promotion to the development of the industry, but also a constant challenge and transcendence to its own capabilities! In the future, Union Tech will not forget its original intention, keep in mind its mission, and let 3D printing technology benefit more fields and more audiences!

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