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3D Printing in the Medical Field

3D Printing in the Medical Field

How 3D printing is used in medical field?

Bioprinting Tissues and Organoids

One of the many types of 3D printing used in the medical device field is bioprinting. Instead of printing with plastics or metals, bioprinters use computer-guided pipettes to layer together live cells called bioinks to create artificial living tissues in the lab.

Assisting in Surgical Preparation

Another application of 3D printing in the medical field is the creation of patient-specific organ replicas that surgeons can use to practice prior to performing complex surgeries. This technology has been shown to speed up procedures and minimize patient trauma.

Surgical Instruments

3D printing technology can also produce sterile surgical instruments, such as forceps, hemostats, scalpel handles and clamps. Replacing traditional manufacturing methods with 3D printing technology can significantly reduce production costs.

Prosthetic Customization

3D printing in the medical field can be used to produce custom prostheses. Amputees typically wait weeks or months to receive a prosthesis through traditional means. However, 3D printing significantly speeds up the process and creates a cheaper product that provides patients with the same functionality as a traditionally manufactured prosthesis.

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