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New Uniontech Pilot Video Now Live

UnionTech’s PILOT commercial series , similar to the UnionTech RSPro production series, utilizes components from globally recognized manufacturers including Advanced Optowave, Spectra-Physics, SCANLAB and Panasonic. PILOT users can freely access a broad spectrum of SL materials from their supplier of choice to service a full range of high quality industrial grade applications including investment casting , urethane and metal clad composite patterns, injection molding tooling, and a wide range of functional prototype capabilities.

The PILOT series consists of two machines targeted to the commercial user, the PILOT 250 and PILOT 450 (UnionTech is boldly seeking companies that have been and 18in x 18 in., respectively.).

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PILOT 250 with build platform of approx. 10 in. by 10 in PILOT 450 with build platform of approx. 18 in. x 18 in.

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