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Characteristics and Development Prospect of the 3D Laser Printer Medical Equipment

Over the past few years, there has been a flurry of news about medical devices with 3D laser printers around the world. From 3D-printed hearing AIDS to surgical tools such as forceps and intraoperative retractors, the potential of 3D laser printers in the medical field is unfolding. There is no doubt that 3D printing is a game-changer for medicine. With new medical tools and gadgets springing up, 3D printing has become more accessible and cheaper.


1. Features and benefits of the 3D laser printer

(1) Rapid prototyping: 3D laser printers speed up the prototyping process of additive manufacturing. Today, prototypes of organs and implants can be printed in just a few hours. Speed is what makes 3D printing superior to machine prototyping. In addition to speed, it is very cost effective.

(2) Flexibility of design: Materials used in 3D printing have changed. Medical tools and equipment can be 3D-printed from steel, acid, titanium and even chocolate. Variations in materials allow for flexibility in design. In addition, compared with traditional printing, 3D printing has no limitations.

(3) Reduce waste: 3D laser printer reduces the waste of resources. Producing parts requires only a fraction of the materials needed to produce printed matter. Instead of relying on large chunks of recycled material, 3D printing uses only the DLP materials including liqcreate premium model and liqcreate castable needed for parts.

(4) High cost-effectiveness: In the past you needed a license to use a 3D laser printer, but today you only need to obtain the permission. The fact that the printer is available anywhere ensures that it is cost effective.

Orthopedics_Skull Model 1a 2.jpg

2. Application trend of 3D printing in the medical industry in the future

The future use of 3D printing in the medical industry can be imagined through current trends in healthcare, including organs, implants, prosthetics, surgical instruments and other medical devices, aimed at enabling technological innovation in the operating room of the future.

(1) Organs and implants: There are hundreds of people waiting for organs and implants in the United States. These people are looking for donors to carry out life-saving organ replacements. However, thanks to China SLA 3D printers, this trend is about to change. Scientists are working to find ways to create faster and more efficient 3D-printed kidneys, lungs and other organs.

(2) Surgical instruments: The average cost of acquiring a set of surgical instruments is about $3,000, which is quite expensive. Surgical instruments are getting better and more cost effective thanks to SLA 3D printer. Scientists can modify any medical supplies and even print complex ones.

(3) Prosthetics and medical devices: Why waste time and resources making prosthetics and medical devices? Thanks to its rapid prototyping, the 3D laser printer can modify any prosthetic limb design suitable for humans. In the future, no one will have to rely on donors for custom-made prosthetics and devices that fit them.

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