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evodent e140 High speed dental 3d printer
evodent e140 DLP dental 3d printer
evodent e140 high quality 3d printer

EvoDent E140 DLP 3D Printer

Chairside 3D Printer

E140 has high accuracy, up to 50μm, fast speed, takes only 20 minutes to print 6 models.

Restorations, implantations, and invisible orthodontics can be achieved immediately at the chairside.

EvoDent E140 Technical Data

Build Volume(XYZ)144 × 81 × 85 mm (5.67 × 3.19 × 3.35 in)

±0.05 mm

Layer Thickness

0.05 / 0.1 mm

Print Speed

40 mm/h

Pixel Size

75 μm
Resolution1920 × 1080 HD

405 nm

Projection ModeBottom-up Projection
Controlling SoftwareUnionTech™ DSCON
Data Preparation SoftwarePolydevs
Operation SystemWindows 10
Input File Format.utk
Network Type and Protocol

WiFi, Ethernet


Electrical Requirements110-220VAC, 50/60Hz
Rated Power300W
Systems ControlClosed-loop
Temperature Range72–79 °F (22–26 °C)
Maximum Change Rate1 °C/hour
Relative Humidity< 40%
Machine Size (W x D x H)440 × 380 × 840 mm
Machine Weight42 kg
Resin VatReplaceable Film
Processing and FinishingPost-Curing Unit (optional)
Warranty12 Months Service and Support, under UnionTech Purchase Terms and Conditions
Regulatory ConformityCE / UKCA

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