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3D Printing for Architecture

3D Printing for Architecture

The construction industry is a highly competitive field. Architectural firms must pursue not only performance but also innovation in order to stand out from the competition and stay ahead of the curve. This puts them in a good position to win more future projects. UnionTech will use 3D printing technology to provide construction companies with more opportunities for success.

Benefits of 3D printing for Architects

Showing Complex Designs in Detail

3D printing technology is a great tool for showcasing complex designs, such as façades or elaborate textured roofs, which can be easily achieved through 3D printing. This will enhance the visual experience and give clients a better understanding of how these features will look in real life. It can even show the appearance of shadows and sunlight during the day, thus bringing the model to life.

Testing Design Concepts

3D printing technology allows architects to quickly test multiple design concepts and iterate on them in the early stages of a project. This dramatically increases productivity and allows designers to identify potential defects that are more difficult to identify on computer models. Architects can 3D print low-cost architectural study models that can be used to evaluate the flow of space, general structure, volumes, and the way natural light travels through a building. 

Create Multiple Copies

Designers can easily create multiple copies of the final model and store 3D printed files indefinitely for future reference. Given traditional modeling methods, the need to create a large number of copies is difficult to achieve. Using 3D printing technology enables architects to provide their clients and investors with copies of scale models of the projects they are hired to work on.

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