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3D Printing for Architecture

3D Printing for Architecture

The application of 3D printing technology in the field of architectural design can not only easily meet the needs of various architectural style designs, but also accurately express the value of the building itself, successfully making up for the defects of traditional manufacturing techniques, so that imagination and creativity are no longer being bondaged. It provides a broader platform for artists to show their inspiration!


In which fields of architecture can 3D printing technology be applied?

① 3D printing architectural art model


The application of 3D printing technology in architectural models has successfully transformed flat architectural drawings into three-dimensional three-dimensional images, and even the exquisite detail design inside the building can be perfectly reproduced! This major breakthrough has made architectural design more diverse and efficient, and future architectural design will reach new peaks with the support of 3D printing technology!


3D printing architectural model


3D printing western architectural model


3D printing Chinese architectural model


3D printing architectural model details

② 3D printed monument

Breaking the shackles of time and space, allowing art to talk to the world again through the corridor of history is the romance that 3D printing technology bestows on architectural design! The emergence of 3D printing monuments not only magnifies the inspiration of artists, but also allows some memories to be tasted by future generations without fear of the baptism of time!


3D printing "Monument to Progress No. 1" (Old Huangpu District)


"Progress Monument No. 1" (New Huangpu District)


3D printing "Progress Monument No. 4" (Old Luwan District)

How do partners evaluate UnionTech 3D printing technology?

Belgian architect and artist Cédric van Parys:

"The reason why I use 3D printing technology is because only 3D printing can realize my requirements for the detailed production of works, and can help me achieve 0.3mm detail processing. I have to say that the effect of 3D printing is very good."


3D printing architectural monument exhibition

In which architecture fields can 3D printing technology be applied?

① With the help of 3D printing technology, release the beauty of architectural shapes and help infinite possibilities

UnionTech technology successfully assisted the wonderful completion of Zhenjiang Evergrande Children's World Project in 2018. The entire project used 2.6 million grams (2.6 tons) of photosensitive resin materials and more than 100 3D printers to print at the same time. The process only took one and a half months from printing to post-coloring, and a very shocking visual feast was created in a very short period of time! Let more audiences feel the charm of 3D printing technology!


3D Printing Project Castle Model


3D printed model of Notre Dame de Paris

② 3D printing no longer makes inspiration fleeting, making art easier to shape

In the Armory Pavilion of the 2017 Venice Biennale, UnionTech SLA 3D printers helped a Belgian architect and artist Cédric van Parys 3D print and design the exhibit "Monument to Progress", which successfully demonstrated Shanghai's past, present and future. It had became the highlight of Shanghai Design Week at the Venice Biennale in one fell swoop.


3D printed monument exhibits


3D printing of finished monuments

The use of 3D printing technology makes the artistic creation of architecture more reliable, and allows artists to soar in the sky of creation while maintaining quality and quantity! In the future, 3D printing will bring more surprises to the field of architecture!

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