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3D Printing in Automotive Industry

3D Printing in Automotive Industry

The integration of 3D printing technology in the automotive field is very thorough. Whether it is the printing design of the overall car model or the mass production of internal precision parts, various needs for automobile manufacturing can be realized through 3D printing! The application of this technology is undoubtedly a boon for the automotive industry and car modification enthusiasts! The development and progress of Luentech 3D printing in the automotive field are obvious to all. In the future, Luentech will develop more new applications to make car manufacturing easier and more advanced!


In which automotive fields can 3D printing technology be applied?

① 3D printing for car modification

Under the same popular aesthetics, there are always some interesting souls who will show their unruly and individuality to the fullest! The refitting of cars can be traced back to a long time ago. Compared with the traditional refitting process, the integration of 3D printing technology can better meet the needs of private customization. Personalized car with a precise fit.


Using 3D printing to convert the new Buick Weilang Pro into an all-road vehicle


3D printed Gatling machine gun (modified car top decoration)


Using 3D printing to customize a unique turbo intake tube for car enthusiast Andy's car

② 3D printing car lights

The importance of headlights to cars is like eyes to human beings. The high requirements of lampshades on materials and manufacturing techniques make it costly to produce, and the introduction of 3D technology has successfully solved this problem. UnionTech's light-curing and highly transparent 3D printing material can just meet the high transparency requirements of car lights. After post-processing and polishing, the effect can be compared to PMMA materials, which in turn makes the manufacture of car lights more efficient and high-quality!


One-step 3D printed headlights


3D printed car lampshade


3D printed car lampshade finished product

③ 3D printing car model

The printing of car models can be said to be the most common application of 3D printing technology in the automotive field. Whether it is a small car model toy or a large model display, Luen Thai 3D printing technology can easily cover it! The control of the details from the inside to the outside perfectly interprets the parallel development of quality and appearance, allowing the flower of technology to bloom brilliantly in the automotive industry!


3D printed sports car display model


3D printed tram

④ 3D printed car wheels

Wheels are often a major project in automobile manufacturing, and the tedious engraving of the printing on the outside of the tires overwhelms traditional manufacturing techniques. In order to spend less time creating more exquisite tires, many automobile manufacturers have chosen to introduce 3D printing technology. Using the intelligence and convenience of technology to transform abstract model designs into high-quality tire objects, successfully eliminated the disadvantages of traditional hand-made products and made mass production more convenient.


3D printed car tire finished product


3D printed car tire surface details


3D printed car tire texture

⑤ 3D printing automotive interior parts

In addition to the gorgeous printing on the outside of the car, its internal precision parts can also be reproduced by 3D printing technology. Whether it is a common auto part or a part design that you want to customize, it can be realized through UnionTech 3D printing, and UnionTech's many practices in the automotive industry make its technology very mature.


3D printed tram components


3D printing car cooling system - air duct


3D printing automotive water injectable three-way interface


3D printing car steering wheel\dashboard


3D printing car tail keel


3D printing car parts

How do partners evaluate UnionTech 3D printing technology?

① Jason, co-founder of Additive3D Asia:

"This will be the first time that Additive3D Asia uses UnionTech's stereolithography 3D printer to provide this solution. UnionTech has superb technology, products and solutions in the field of 3D printing SLA. We are very confident in this cooperation! "


3D printing modified car turbo intake tube

② Hu Peng, technical manager of JAC Technology Center:

"UnionTech is a pioneer in the domestic industrial 3D printing industry. It has been committed to the development and application of technology for more than ten years. The equipment they produce is cost-effective, more than half cheaper than foreign ones, but the stability and accuracy are very close. "


3D printed car part textures

What are the application cases of Luentech 3D printing technology in the automotive field?

① UnionTech helps create a customized 3D printed sports car display model: extremely cool

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus, a boutique producer of high-performance sports cars and road cars, asked Aerosport Modeling & Design to create a 1/5 scale scaled-down 2019 SCG 004S supercar model for showroom display. After receiving the task, Mr. Geoff Combs, Chairman of Aerosport Modeling & Design, decisively chose to cooperate with UnionTech, and used UnionTech 3D printing technology to complete the display model with a length of 36 inches and a width of 15 inches within 5 weeks. The details of the model are meticulously made, and the appearance is high-end and textured. It has received many praises in the exhibition hall!


3D printing showroom car model


3D printing showroom car tires

② Tongji University electric team uses 3D printing technology to create a new car DRe21

UnionTech uses SLA 3D printer technology to help Tongji University tram team complete the production of 56 spare parts for the new car DRe21. All of its SLA printing modifications are provided by UnionTech, including the front wing, rear wing, side wing, instrument panel, etc. of the body. And finally participated in the "Nio Cup" Chinese University Student Electric Formula Competition together with the electric team members. This event also demonstrated UnionTech's technical strength in the automotive field and education field, allowing more audiences to feel the charm of 3D printing technology!


3D printing DRe21 car modification parts


Union Tech 3D Printing and other sponsors took a photo with the new DRe21 car

③ Union Tech 3D printing promotes the successful transformation of national auto brands

Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd. has introduced UnionTech 3D printing technology as early as 2002. There is a UnionTech 3D printing equipment in its workshop that has been in service for 14 years. Hu Peng, the technical manager of Jianghuai Automobile Technology Center, uses this machine Countless products have been completed by the equipment, and the introduction of 3D printing technology has also successfully promoted the gorgeous transformation of this national auto brand, making it able to stand still in the current high-speed iteration of trendy brands!


3D printed car grille


3D printing car surface parts

④ 3D printing boosts the road to refitting chariots

The car team on the soundtrack studio received a task to convert a brand new Buick Weilang Pro into a chariot in the game. When he was at a loss and did not know how to start, the appearance of Luen Thai 3D printing successfully resolved this trouble. Using UnionTech's 3D printing technology, the team not only successfully realized the gorgeous modification of the chariot, but also produced the personalized embellishment design on the chariot. One-stop solution to multiple problems made the team praise UnionTech's 3D printing technology absolutely!


3D printed Gatling gun (painted finish)


The team leader of the car team on the soundtrack visited UnionTech


Friends experience 3D printing Gatling machine gun

The application of 3D printing technology has given the automobile manufacturing industry a more vibrant new life. Whether it is basic printing services or the personalized collision of technology and creativity, all can be satisfied in the world of 3D printing! In the future development of the automotive industry, UnionTech will continue to improve its own technology, so as to use technology to boost the further vigorous development of the automotive field!

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