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The Artist LU Renjie: The Magic World Created by 3D Printing

The Artist LU Renjie: The Magic World Created by 3D Printing

In the current era of highly developed manufacturing industry, the artist Mr. LU Renjie, with his great love for human history, presents the Chinese treasure house left by our ancestors from an artistic perspective through 3D printing technology.

The Classic of Mountains and Seas is a book full of magic. It contains all sorts of conceivable fantasies and rich valuable information on geography, mythology, folklore, history of science, science of religion, ethnology, medical science, etc. Its academic value involves many disciplines. It records a large number of natural geography elements and human geography contents in order, such as mountain system, hydrology, animals and plants, mineral resources, national geography, economy, social culture and customs, etc.

LU Renjie, an independent artist, entered the market with works themed by The Classic of Mountains and Seas, creating China’s first masterpiece of traditional cultural IP. The whole series is based on 809 sculpture templates, which have spawned many derivatives. China’s extensive and profound traditional culture is expressed in today’s mass aesthetic way, which brings different meanings.

Through the light-shadow interaction and the offline immersive RPG, it tells the stories of the Classic of Mountains and Seas in the language of the times. It spreads the Chinese culture in a way acceptable to young people.

The Artist LU Renjie: The Magic World Created

The Artist LU Renjie: The Magic World

The Artist LU Renjie: The Magic

The Artist LU Renjie

The Artist LU

LU wrote in one of his articles, “Thanks to our partner UnionTech for using the power of science and technology to allow design details to be perfectly presented through 3D printing technology, exquisitely and highly reproduce the details, and realize the best efficiency of finished products.” We can’t help but rave about the rise of Chinese technology.

We are living in an era of cultural revival. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the confidence and national pride of the Chinese people have exploded. Chinese traditional culture has been raised to an unprecedented height.
As a cutting-edge technology vigorously developed by the country at present, 3D printing is in a period of vigorous development. It is then more meaningful for us to use the technologies of 3D printing to perfectly present Chinese traditional culture!

— by the artist LU Renjie

In the long development process of industrial manufacturing level, humans have gradually mastered the power to change the world as technology upgrades and science and technology progress. With the advent of 3D printing, this new technology has become a trend for creating traditional artworks. It has become common to use 3D printing to produce sculptures, ceramic bodies, decorative appliances, and even traditional props used in many intangible heritage techniques.

The 340-square-meter sand table for the Classic World of Mountains and Seas , the hundred-meter map for the Classic of Mountains and Seas, the immersive light-shadow interaction space, the immersive AR games, the Newcomers’ Village (the aesthetic education base and extracurricular practice base for college students), UnionTech 3D printing equipment, the stage for music drama, the creation workshop, the garage kits, the jewelry, the furniture, the appliances, the costumes and other peripheral products.

LU Renjie, an inheritor of traditional Chinese culture

LU Renjie is an independent Chinese artist. His representative works include Lu Renjie’s Classic World of Mountains and Seas, Chinese Dragon, Blessings to the World, The Twelve Girls in a Dream of Red Mansions, Drunken Dragon, Buddha Man and My World, etc. Influenced by the family environment, he was fond of graffiti and clay figurines during his childhood. During his teens, he was guided by Mr. CHEN Zhaochi and began to form his own understanding of art. He is best at such forms of artistic presentation as oil painting, ceramics, sculpture, and installation.
His representative work Lu Renjie’s Classic World of Mountains and Seas is a complete series of ceramic sand table, the contents of which include characters, mythical creatures, plants, geography and so on in the Classic of Mountains and Seas from which the Chinese cultural IP has derived. His representative work Chinese Dragon is now the only painting that includes 1,800 intangible cultural heritage PIPs.

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