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rspro2100 sla 3dprinter
large sla printer
large scale resin printer

RSPro2100 Large SLA 3D Printer

RSPro2100 is our largest format SLA 3D machine printer. There are three laser scanning, this innovative scanning additive manufacturing system is perfectly suited for the industrial production of large, high quality finished parts as well as mass part production. The large scale resin 3D printer offers exceptional precision, fine surface finish, and the ability to handle a wide range of resin materials with various mechanical and aesthetic properties. Whether you need to produce functional prototypes or mass-produce parts, our SLA 3D printers for sale have got you covered.


RSPro2100 Technical Data

Build Volume2100 × 700 × 800 mm 82.7 × 27.6 × 31.5 in

Dimension <100 mm: ±0.2 mm

Dimension ≥100 mm: ±0.2% x Dimension

Layer Thickness0.1-0.25 mm

355 nm, solid-state frequency tripled

Nd: YVO₄

Beam Focus

Dynamic & Variable
Beam Size0.1-0.85 mm

Compatible with commercial available resins for 355 nm stereolithography

Scanning Speed8-15 m/s
Controlling SoftwareUnionTech™ RSCON
Data Preparation SoftwarePolydevs
Operation SystemWindows 10
Network Type and Protocol

WiFi, Ethernet


Electrical Requirements200-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Single phase
Rated Power5.4 kVA
Systems ControlClosed-loop
Temperature Range72–79 °F (22–26 °C)
Maximum Change Rate1 °C/hour
Relative Humidity< 40%
Machine Size (W x D x H)2630 × 1945 × 2765 mm
Machine Weight2520 kg
Initial Resin Weight2230 kg
Resin VatFixed
Processing and FinishingPost-Curing Unit (optional)
Warranty12 Months 
Consult with your sales representative for confirmation of current offering.

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