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Technical principles and characteristics of SLA light-curing moulding technology

Originating in the late 19th century, 3D printing has gradually become a concrete practice from the initial theory, and has successfully occupied a large amount of market in the 21st century. In this long precipitation process, its own classification also tends to improve, diverse, of which the most widely used is SLA, then what is SLA? So what is SLA? How is it used in the field of 3D printing?

Stereo Lithography Apparatus (SLA) refers to light-curing forming, also known as stereolithography, is currently the most mature development, one of the most widely used rapid prototyping technology. The main photosensitive resin as raw materials, the use of computer control, a specific wavelength and intensity of the laser focused on the surface of the light-curing material, to achieve the solidification from the point to the line and then to the surface, so as to complete a horizontal cross-section of the drawing. Then by lifting the printing table to repeat the irradiation curing of the next cross-section, layer by layer to form a complete three-dimensional product model. In layman's terms, SLA technology prints products like architects casting tall buildings, from the initial foundation to layer upon layer of superimposed, and finally to show the ten thousand feet tall building. Only the construction of the building can only be from the bottom to the top, while SLA can achieve the freedom of lift!


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Light-curing moulding SLA technology process is also relatively simple and clear, generally divided into pre-processing, prototyping, clean-up, curing treatment of four stages. Pre-processing stage is mainly the data preparation of the print model; light-curing moulding process that is SLA running print; cleaning model is mainly to erase the excess resin as well as sanding step texture; the final curing treatment includes UV oven and other forms. Simple and efficient operation makes it highly acclaimed in actual operation, effectively making up for the shortcomings of the traditional manufacturing process.


At the same time, SLA's own fast and precise technical characteristics are also more obvious. It not only prints products with high precision and good quality, while the raw material utilisation rate is almost 100%, which can be used to print particularly complex and fine parts, and is very suitable for rapid prototyping of small-sized parts. In the current context of fierce competition in the market, the application of 3D printing technology has successfully innovated the traditional process of all kinds of shortcomings, so that more companies actually feel the unique charm from the progress of science and technology!

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