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Uniontech is Leading the Footwear Industry Digital Nibbling Technology On the Ground

Shoe mould making is an important part of the shoe production process. Before 3D printing technology entered the shoe industry, most of the shoe moulds in the traditional shoe market were still produced by the traditional CNC and fine engraving processing methods introduced in the 1990s. From the design to the finished product, a pair of shoe moulds need to go through programming, CNC, machining, mould repair, mould testing, flower biting and other processes, the processing procedures are more complicated, the cycle is long and the cost is high, which makes the labour cost remain high and the product update is lack of power. On the other hand, with the development of science and technology, the labour structure changes, enterprises are facing the market, labour, cost and other aspects of pressure, the whole industry into the development of the bottleneck. Affected by the whole market industrial chain upgrading, the production mode of shoe mould manufacturing is also urgently needed from the traditional backroom, mechanical production, towards the development of the market to adapt to the professional intelligent control and mass production production mode of change, the whole industry needs new technology to drive a new round of development.


Uniontech discovered the bottleneck and breakthrough of 3D printing development early in the market exploration. In the case of 3D printing technology itself continues to make breakthroughs, the development of the application end has become the key to open the market. Uniontech keenly capture this point, in the early development has been more mature outside the hand plate factory industry, targeting the shoe industry for in-depth vertical R & D, application.

After more than ten years of efforts, Uniontech shoe mould manufacturing market share increased year by year, covering a number of industrial bases around the world. Domestic contains Fujian, Guangdong, Shandong, Henan, Hebei and other places, foreign countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey and other countries. Uniontech's corporate mission: "Provide superior 3D printing system solutions, use 3D printing technology to innovate traditional manufacturing and business models".



Digital texturing process (steps to create textures on STL data)

Custom textures can be added to existing image libraries

Possibility to draw textures on complex and irregular surfaces

Selecting the surface to which the texture will be applied

Select texture image (in database & custom image)

Convert to 3D texture with one click


The advantages of digital batch texturing are


Enhance the aesthetic value of the part, with complete freedom of design, using aesthetic or functional textures and patterns to enhance the quality of the customer's design, creating unique or personalised pieces.

-Environmentally Friendly

In contemporary manufacturing systems, environmental protection is a top priority.

This is the industrial advantage of Luen Thai's 3D printing and digital embossing technology, as well as the future trend of manufacturing development.



FM300 is a high-performance DLP device.

Extracting the performance of a 4K optical machine to the limit

Able to print finer surface quality

Enables more detailed nibbling effects


In order to further promote the development of the industry as well as to establish a long-term friendly relationship with new and old customers, Luen Thai Footwear Division in the application of the continuous upgrading of technology to a series of optimisation solutions for the footwear industry supply chain to provide the most valuable solutions, which is the direction that Uniontech has been striving for in the application of the footwear industry.

New technology to promote the development of the market and industry, China's footwear industry equipment and materials in the process and technology has predictable breakthroughs, 3D printing technology in the field of footwear has been rapid development. Now 3D printing technology is not only limited to the field of shoe mould manufacturing, it has been extended in the peripheral industries such as: personalized customization, direct midsole, direct mould, intelligent insole should be 3D printing, the industry has entered a new period of innovation and development.

Uniontech footwear division director Wang Zhoutai said:

"3D printing in-depth application of the footwear industry is divided into three stages, the first stage of the prototype printing stage, for example, printing wooden moulds, try on soft soles; the second stage of customization, batch printing of real soles; the third stage of the quantitative manufacturing stage, printing rapid moulds / metal moulds / real soles. During the same period, various 3D printing technologies have been developed together, such as SLA light curing technology, SLS selective sintering technology, CLIP continuous liquid sole projection technology, SLM selective laser metal forming, and so on. Light curing technology dominates this field because it offers several different technology options for a wide range of critical footwear applications.

In the future, Uniontech will continue to actively explore new models of footwear manufacturing, making continuous improvements and breakthroughs in equipment, processes and materials, in the hope of establishing a model for the entire industry, in order to drive the development of the industry into a completely new pattern. Comprehensively write the future of the footwear industry in the field of 3D printing "

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