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3D Printing for Consumer Electronics

3D Printing for Consumer Electronics

With the advent of the digital age, the most intuitive feeling for us is the prevalence of electronic products! From mobile phones and computers for personal use, to various electrical appliances and home decorations for household use, electronic products are everywhere in life, and this strong demand also drives the continuous improvement and upgrading of electronic product manufacturing. 3D printing is the best opportunity to realize its "rebirth". The use of intelligent technology to bring more efficient and refined production experience enables it to easily cope with large-volume and diversified consumer demand, thereby boosting the production of electronic products into a new era. !


 Which electronic product fields can 3D printing be applied to?


① 3D printed lamps


With the penetration of the peripheral environment of "atmosphere" and "exquisite style", people are increasingly pursuing ritual and personalization in the design of home decoration style! The application of 3D printing technology can well meet this demand. All kinds of unconstrained creative designs can get concrete feedback through 3D printing, which is efficient and makes the manufacturing of details more textured. Among them, the most personal characteristics is 3D printed lamps!


3D printing geometric aesthetic lamps


3D printing creative lamps


3D printing retro style lamps


3D printing personalized lamps

② 3D printing mobile phone accessories

As the most favored electronic device at present, the mobile phone has become the daily necessities of contemporary people! And this just-needed related accessories can also be manufactured through 3D printing technology. While ensuring the quality of using, it makes the production more efficient and refined, successfully meeting the large-volume demand in the market.


3D printing mobile phone accessories


3D printing mobile phone model

③ 3D printing household appliances


3D printing technology also plays a great role in the production and manufacture of household appliances. The intelligent and efficient perfect reproduction combined with the support of environmentally friendly materials makes it favored by many users. Products of various models and sizes can be caught in one go.The application of technology makes the production of home appliances easier and more convenient!


3D printing air conditioner


3D printing iron


3D printed washing machine panel


3D printed razor


3D printed cooking impeller

How do partners evaluate UnionTech's 3D printing technology?


Wen Zhaoxiong, general manager of Yisun Technology:


"3D printing solves the limitations of design, improves product design, makes the design more diversified, and facilitates production. One-piece molding allows products to be assembled without assembly and shortens the production and delivery period. Compared with traditional industrial production, 3D printing has small batches, On-demand customization not only shortens the time cost, but also saves raw materials, reducing the risk and cost of introducing new products to the market."


Yisun Technology purchased UnionTech printing equipment

The Case Study of 3D printing in the field of electronic products


As a production enterprise focusing on 3D printing services, Yisun Technology was established in Guangzhou in 2015. It has more than 100 production partners around the world, serving nearly 50,000 customers in total, with a production capacity of 200 prototype models per day, and an on-time delivery rate of over 98%. These achievements are inseparable from the joint efforts of all employees of the company, and at the same time, the help of Luen Thai 3D printing equipment is indispensable! It introduced ten sets of 3D printing equipment from UnionTech Technology into Huizhou factory at one time, mainly for design, mold opening and proofing, small batch manufacturing, mass production and other services. The cooperation with UnionTech Technology has greatly improved the efficiency and precision of its overall production, which has won many customers in the industry and successfully realized industrial upgrading and transformation!


3D printing drone photoelectric pod model


3D printing creative lighting products

With the rapid development of the Internet, the proportion of electronic products in people's lives is increasing, and the supply problems brought about by high demand will also be solved with the intervention of 3D printing technology! In the future, 3D printing technology will also open up more novel ways of playing in the field of consumer electronics, making the production of electronic equipment more high-end and novel!

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