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Dental 3D Printing

Dental 3D Printing

At present, the development of the oral industry can be described as in full swing. Driven by high demand, 3D printing technology has successfully ranked among the digital processing chain of the oral cavity. UnionTech 3D printing has officially entered the oral orthodontics market since the intention of the "Angel of the Times" in 2008. In addition to orthodontic stealth correction, in recent years, UnionTech 3D printing has also been widely used in making crown, tooth bridges, and dentures. The deepening of more than 20 years has made it popular in the oral industry. In the future, UnionTech 3D printing will continue to innovate and upgrade to promote the vigorous development of the global oral industry!


Which areas can 3D printing technology be used in?

① 3D printing oral model

3D printing technology can be used for printing models, and data can be scanned by in -mouth, or scanned improvisions or gypsum models.


3D printing oral model

② 3D printed oral tray

3D printed oral trays have good biocompatibility and can be used to print accurate personalized trays.


3D printed oral tray

③ 3D printing planting fence plate

Nearly transparent, with good biocompatibility, it is used to assist doctors to improve the accuracy of implant surgery.


3D printing planting fence plate

④ 3D printing artificial gums

3D printing technology is used to print elastic gums and use it with the model.


3D printing artificial gums

⑤ 3D printing temporary crown

It has good biocompatibility and is used to print temporary crown or temporary tooth bridge.


3D printing temporary crown

⑥ 3D print orthodontic dental mold

Model for orthodox domains.


3D print orthodontic dental mold

⑦ 3D printing wax type

Casting wax types for printing tooth crowns, bridges, or brackets.


3D printing wax type

⑧ 3D printing indirect bonding tray

It has good biocompatibility and is used in traditional orthodontic applications to print a tray for indirect bonding brackets.


3D printing indirect bonding tra

⑨ 3D printing base

It has a good biocompatibility and is used to print a full -mouth denture or a base can be used.


3D printing base

⑩ 3D printed jaw pad

It has good biocompatibility and is used to print the keeper in invisible orthodontics.


3D printed jaw pad

How do partners evaluate UnionTech 3D printing technology?

① Yao Junfeng, general manager of Shanghai Zhengya Dental Technology Co., Ltd.:

"The thickness of the light curing (SLA) 3D printing layer can reach 0.1 mm, which can fully meet the printing requirements of the teeth model. The molding size is large, and it can print more than 100 tooth models at a time. The relatively low cost of photoretinum resin materials, high strength, and basically no toxicity. In terms of cost, accuracy, efficiency, stability and security, SLA is the best choice. Foreign leading companies are also used in the vocalization of light solidification technology. The service of Uniontech Liantai Technology 3D printing equipment can be maintained in time when faulty, and various improvements based on our feedback are important for enterprise production stability and product performance improvement.


3D printing tooth model

② Wang Zhaohua, the founder of Libai Le Dental:

"Thanks to UnionTech 3D printing for providing us with integrated dental product solutions. Through the digital platform, we can seamlessly docking with the dental clinic to achieve personalized customization or even small batches of oral products."


3D printing dental sample

③ Mr Qian, the founder of Jing Porcelain Deterns:

"It may not be the best to defeat all competitors. Different from the traditional manufacturing industry, Jing Porcelain runs through the concept of innovation, strengthens the overall quality of the design team, and continuously optimizes clinical services. In the future, we may gradually replace traditional craftsmanship with digitalization. Provide better 3D printing services for the clinic for colleagues. "


UnionTech 3D printing equipment -S300

What are the application cases of Liantai 3D printing technology?

① UnionTech Technology 3D Printing helps the digital transformation of Shanghai Jing Porcelain Deoth Co., Ltd.

In 2016, under the dual pressure of the disadvantages of traditional oral craftsmanship and frequent import of import equipment accidents, Shanghai Jing Po Dead Co., Ltd. decisively selected the introduction of UnionTech 3D printing technology for digital transformation. This decision has successfully solved the problems such as high cost, slow efficiency, and weak update iteration. At the same time, the equipment introduced in the local area is more guaranteed after -sales. With the strong cooperation of the two sides, Jing Porcelain's dentures have successfully increased their market awareness and overall competitiveness, and brought dawn of dawn to the oral industry that is about to enter the cold winter.


3D printing oral model

② Libai Le Dental and UnionTech 3D printing for digital reform

Under the trend of digital transformation in the industry, more and more companies in the industry are not far behind! Compared with the tedious and complicated traditional model, the introduction of 3D printing technology has renewed the oral industry. After understanding the advantages brought by digital reform, Libai Le dental further purchased Liantai Technology's 3D printing products, which easily realized a beautiful situation of win-win cooperation.


3D printing product sample

③ Customized and batch production of orthopedic orthopedic modeling of Chongya tooth

In 2013, as the first year of 3D printing technology entered the public perspective, Shanghai Zhengya Dental Technology Co., Ltd. decisively seized the opportunity and began to introduce UnionTech's optical solid 3D printing equipment and conduct large-scale production. This move has created a grand year of Zhengya's current annual cases of 7,000-8000 cases and sales of nearly 50 million sales, making it one of the few leaders in China. More companies in the industry have set up the benchmark for progress.


3D printing finished product

The application advantage of 3D printing technology in the field of dental dental departments can be described as obvious, and Liantai Technology, as a company focusing on 3D printing technology, will grasp the wave of the times and help major enterprises with more accurate and more efficient service concepts to help major enterprises and user's 3D printing needs. To make 3D printing technology bloom more dazzling light in more fields!

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