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Dental 3D Printing

Dental 3D Printing

Digital technology has become the cornerstone of the oral healthcare industry, fundamentally reshaping its landscape. The core of digital oral implantation lies in seamlessly integrating orl scanning and 3D printing throughout the entire spectrum of oral implantation, restoration, and orthodontics. This transformative shift has revolutionized clinicians' methodologies and approaches, resulting in significant improvements in the quality and efficiency of oral healthcare. It has emerged as a defining trend in contemporary dentistry.

The utilization of digital software and hardware technology in dental diagnosis and treatment has surpassed the constraints of traditional methodologies. This breakthrough empowers clinicians to achieve remarkable alignment between implant restoration outcomes and preoperative expectations. It serves as the pivotal technology for realizing digital, minimally invasive, precise, and personalized oral implant treatments, propelling the field of oral disease diagnosis and treatment towards greater accuracy, efficiency, and automation.

UnionTech's dental 3D printer brand, EvoDent, offers a comprehensive range of 3D printing solutions, spanning from CAD design to the creation of 3D printed products. Our objective is to revolutionize dental processing, chairside restorations, and orthodontic implantation through advanced 3D printing technology. We aim to establish the benchmark for digital 3D printing in dentistry, ensuring that your expectations are met with the highest quality results.

At UnionTech, every facet of our product development, from technology innovation to functional customization, is grounded in market insights and user requirements. Our product definition and development are highly focused and tailored to meet specific needs. Each product and technology undergoes a meticulous series of steps, including internal testing, process refinement, and product optimization. We take pride in offering a comprehensive range of 3D printing equipment designed specifically for the dental industry.

3D Printing Digital Solutions for Dental Clinics

Data Scanning → Application Design → Data Pre-processing → 3D Printing → Post-processing → Dental Applications: Restoration Models, Implant Models, Surgical Guides, Orthodontic Models, Temporary Crowns and Bridges.

Which areas can 3D printing technology be used in?

Orthodontic Models

The layer thickness accuracy can achieve 0.1mm, fully meeting the precision requirements for dental models. The UnionTech large-format dental 3D printer is capable of simultaneously printing more than one hundred dental models. The photosensitive resin material is cost-effective, exhibiting high strength and essential nontoxicity. Considering factors such as cost, precision, efficiency, stability, and safety, UnionTech's light-curing 3D printing technology delivers exceptional overall cost-effectiveness.


3D Printing Orthodontic Model

Implant Models

Material: UnionTech Model 2.0

Features: High hardness, not easy to wear, can be placed for a long time, not easy to deformation.

Printer: EvoDent S200

Printing Time: 35min


3D Printing Implant Model

Restoration Models

To assist technical institutes or outpatient clinics in the more efficient and precise utilization of digital restorations.

Material: UnionTech Model 6.0

Features: High hardness, not easy to wear, can be placed for a long time, not easy to deformation.

Printer: EvoDent S300+

Printing Time: 35 min


3D Printing Restoration Model


3D printing technology is employed to produce elastic prosthetic gingiva designed for use with models.

Material: EvoDent GINGIVA Resin

Printer: EvoDent E128

Printing Time: 6-10 min


3D Printing Gingiva Mask

Wax Brackets

3D printing technology is employed to produce elastic prosthetic gingiva designed for use with models.

Material: EvoDent Cast

Printer: EvoDent UOne

Printing Time: About 80 min


3D Printing Wax Brackets

Surgical Guides

The surgical guide is a customized device created to precisely fit the patient's mouth. It features indicators that specify the exact location for the dentist to place the implant(s). These indicators provide information on the angle, depth, and position for the implant placement, enabling the doctor to achieve a precise and accurate positioning of the dental implants.

Material: EvoDent SG

Features: Clear and aesthetic appearance after autoclaving. High transparency. Improved flexural modulus and strength.

Printer: EvoDent UOne

Printing Time: About 30 min


3D Printing Surgical Guides

Temporary Crowns & Bridges

Temporary crowns and bridges are employed to restore the shape, size, appearance, and strength of teeth that may have undergone some form of damage. Given that permanent dental crowns and bridges can take a few weeks to be crafted in the lab, your dentist may provide you with a temporary dental crown and bridge in the interim.

Material: EvoDent C&B

Features: High flexural strength and resistance. Very low water absorption. Biocompatible, FDA & CE-compliant.

Printer: EvoDent E230

Printing time: About 30 min


3D Printing Crowns and Bridges

How do partners evaluate UnionTech 3D printing technology?

1) Yao Junfeng, general manager of Shanghai Zhengya Dental Technology:

The thickness of SLA 3D printing layer can reach 0.1 mm, which can fully meet the printing requirements of the teeth model. The molding size is large, and it can print more than 100 tooth models at a time. The relatively low cost of photoretinum resin materials, high strength, and basically no toxicity. In terms of cost, accuracy, efficiency, stability and security, SLA is the best choice. Foreign leading companies are also used in the vocalization of light solidification technology. The service of UnionTech 3D printing system can be maintained in time when faulty, and various improvements based on our feedback are important for enterprise production stability and product performance improvement.


3D Printing Aligner Model

2) Wang Zhaohua, the founder of Libai Le Dental:

" Thanks to UnionTech for providing us with integrated dental product solutions. Through the digital platform, we can seamlessly docking with the dental clinic to achieve personalized customization or even small batches of oral products."


3D Printing Dental Sample

3) Mr Qian, the founder of Jing Porcelain Deterns:

"It may not be the best to defeat all competitors. Different from the traditional manufacturing industry, Jing Porcelain runs through the concept of innovation, strengthens the overall quality of the design team, and continuously optimizes clinical services. In the future, we may gradually replace traditional craftsmanship with digitalization. Provide better 3D printing services for the clinic for colleagues."


UnionTech DLP Dental 3D Printer - S300

What are the application cases of UnionTech 3D printing technology?

1) UnionTech 3D printing system helps the digital transformation of Shanghai Jing Porcelain Deoth Co., Ltd.

In 2016, facing the dual challenges of the limitations of traditional oral craftsmanship and frequent incidents with imported equipment, Shanghai JC Dental made a strategic decision to adopt Uniontech 3D printing technology for digital transformation. This decision effectively addressed issues such as high costs, slow efficiency, and limited update iterations. Additionally, the locally introduced equipment ensured more reliable after-sales support. Through robust collaboration, Jing Po Dental's dentures have significantly heightened their market visibility and overall competitiveness, bringing a new dawn to the oral industry on the verge of a challenging period.


3D Printing Dental Model

2) Libai Le Dental and UnionTech 3D printing for digital reform

In the era of digital transformation sweeping through the industry, an increasing number of companies are quick to embrace change. Departing from the tedious and intricate traditional models, the integration of 3D printing technology has revitalized the oral industry. Recognizing the advantages ushered in by digital reform, Libai Le Dental has taken a step further by procuring 3D printing products from Liantai Technology, effortlessly achieving a mutually beneficial situation of collaboration.


3D Printing Temporary Crowns

3) Customized and batch production of orthopedic orthopedic modeling of Chongya tooth

In 2013, as 3D printing technology entered the public consciousness, Smartee Dental decisively seized the opportunity by introducing UnionTech's optical solid 3D printing equipment and embarking on large-scale production. This strategic move marked a significant year for Smartee, with an annual production of 7,000-8,000 cases and sales reaching nearly 50 million. This success has positioned Smartee Dental as one of the prominent leaders in China, setting a benchmark for progress in the industry that has inspired other companies.


3D printing finished product

The application advantage of 3D printing technology in the field of dental departments can be described as obvious, and Uniontech, as a company focusing on 3D printing technology, will grasp the wave of the times and help major enterprises with more accurate and more efficient service concepts to help major enterprises and user's 3D printing needs. To make 3D printing technology bloom more dazzling light in more fields!


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