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3D Printing in Aerospace Ares

3D Printing in Aerospace Ares

3D Printing for Aerospace Applications

Mounting Brackets

Brackets are simple parts that hold structures together in an assembly. Brackets determine the strength and integrity of a structure. 3D printed brackets help optimize designs and save time and labor costs. Some brackets are made from multiple pieces and expensive materials. With 3D printing, brackets can be designed as a single, uniform, strong component that eliminates the need for assembly. In addition, 3D printing avoids cai and improves performance.

Grips, Jigs and Fixtures

Grips, Jigs and fixtures are typically made from steel and aluminum using CNC, requiring high levels of customization and precision, which can lead to higher labor costs. With 3D printing, these operations require little to no human intervention, resulting in a significant cost reduction of 60%.


Prototypes help designers better understand the model before actual production begins. In the aerospace industry, prototypes help to obtain the required form, fit and function.

Production Advantages of 3D Printing

Reduced Costs

Production methods using 3D printing can produce custom parts globally using standard equipment, without the need for part-specific tooling.

Improved Designs

Improving aircraft design is another benefit of 3D printing for the aerospace sector. Many advanced modifications reduce the lifecycle costs of aircraft by increasing engine efficiency, reducing drag and reducing mass. As 3D printing software becomes more advanced, engineers can now improve designs, especially benefiting from additive manufacturing technologies.

Enhanced Supply Chain

The development and construction of aircraft is a massive undertaking. 3D printing improves manufacturing efficiency and shortens supply chain lead times by producing a wide range of components from a variety of raw materials. It also addresses aircraft needs characterized by extended lead times, production schedules and long production delays that can last for years.

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