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RSPro1800 Large-format Industrial 3D Printer

The RSPro1800 is equipped with dual lasers and high-speed  scanning capabilities, allowing for the production of large  prototypes and small-batch parts. With a length of 1.8  meters and a width of 0.9 meters, it offers a spacious and  efficient large-format printing experience

RSPro1800 Technical Data

Build Volume 1800 × 900 × 600 mm 70.9 × 35.4 × 23.6 in

Dimension <100 mm: ±0.2 mm

Dimension ≥100 mm: ±0.2% x Dimension

Layer Thickness0.1-0.25 mm

355 nm, solid-state frequency tripled

Nd: YVO₄

Beam Focus

Dynamic & Variable
Beam Size0.12-0.85 mm

All of the photosensitive resin of 355nm / 355nm 

Scanning Speed8-15 m/s
Controlling SoftwareUnionTech™ RSCON
Data Preparation SoftwarePolydevs Pro, BPC
Operation SystemWindows 10
Network Type and Protocol

WiFi, Ethernet


Electrical Requirements200-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Rated Power4.7 kVA
Systems ControlClosed-loop
Temperature Range72–79 °F (22–26 °C)
Maximum Change Rate1 °C/hour
Relative Humidity< 40%
Machine Size (W x D x H)2305 × 1630 × 2465 mm
Machine Weight2080 kg
Initial Resin Weight1595 kg
Resin VatManually Replacing
Processing and FinishingPost-Curing Unit (optional)
WarrantyOne-year warranty(under UnionTech’s Purchase Terms and Conditions)
Consult with your sales representative for confirmation of current offering.

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