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Large-format 3D Printing Machine Helps Car Tuning to Sweep the World

Car tuning culture has been prevalent in Europe, America and Japan for a long time, forming their own systems and characteristics. In China has also been the rapid development, and already has a large number of loyal car modification hobby groups. With the improvement of people's economic income, the car is not only limited to simple transport, or basic daily needs, but also a symbol of identity, and carries the fun of the young generation to play and drive.

Where there is a demand, there is a market, so a new industry - car tuning market came into being.

Hip and cool has become a specific cultural label in the car enthusiast circle.


When car modification meets 3D printing

Fast speed, low cost, smooth surface, can be coloured and plated treatment, human high-quality car modification is YYDS!


Due to the limited number of modified cars required, it is not possible to open moulds for mass production, so car enthusiasts and tuning factories need to face the headache of high cost of small batch customisation, long development cycle, and immature process.

3D printing technology can solve all these problems!


3D printing process made wing guide grille


The shape of the eight blades on the front wing guide grille is not only inconsistent with the curvature of the outer edge and the front wing panel, but also, the size and angle of each blade is different. Each blade was individually designed and then produced through UnionTech’s SLA light-curing forming 3D printing technology, and then painted and coloured.

Car modification parts made by 3D printing technology of UnionTech.png

Car modification parts made by 3D printing technology of UnionTech

1.Extremely fast experience


The traditional process of car modification is to design the parts first, then develop and make moulds, then manufacture the entity of the parts and test the entity of the parts to determine whether it can meet the requirements of the product design, such as failing to meet the requirements of the design or moulds need to be amended. This process is time-consuming and costly.

2. Cost reduction


The 3D printing modification process does not require moulds, which saves a lot of cost, shortens the cycle time, and enables quick realization of modification solutions.



3D Printed Finished Product.jpg

3D printing has ultra-high resolution, accuracy and surface finish to meet the needs of the automotive modification market.

The front surrounds require a larger curvature


Divided into three parts, left centre and right


Save time by printing with UnionTech Lite600


Large side wrap-around volume, nearly two metres wide


Printed in one piece with UnionTech RSPro2100


The RSPro2100 is the first and largest light-curing 3D printing machine in China.


We can see the 3D printed surround, designed with precise data


Has a superb fit and an overall excellent feel


Finished product display.jpg

Finished product display

4.Transparent Parts


UnionTech's light-curing and highly transparent 3D printing materials can just meet the high transparency requirements of automotive lights, and after post-treatment and polishing, the effect can be comparable to PMMA materials, which is suitable for appearance verification and assembly verification. In addition, the special nature of photosensitive resin material is also suitable for spraying and plating process for the internal components of automotive headlights.


car headlights.png

car headlights

The application of 3d printing technology in automotive industry still has a long way to go, but in the "smart" prevalent, everything is possible today, it can be predicted that the future of 3D printing will be increasingly used in the field of automotive modification and manufacturing. 3D printing technology allows a high degree of flexibility in automotive modification, compared with traditional processes can reduce costs, shorten cycle time, improve work efficiency, and improve the efficiency of automotive modification. 3D printing technology allows a high degree of flexibility in car tuning, which can reduce costs, shorten cycle time, improve work efficiency and quickly realise your design compared to traditional processes.


With the continuous development of 3D printing technology, the automotive industry's awareness of 3D printing and the automotive industry's own development needs, the application of 3D printing technology in the automotive industry will be more market space to expand the production and use of the link in the production of parts and components, automotive maintenance, automotive prototyping and other aspects of the application will gradually increase.

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