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3D Printing for Investment Casting

3D Printing for Investment Casting

Origin of Die Casting Method

It was in 1940s that modern lost foam casting method was applied in industrial production. According to the data, the development of Aerojet engine at that time required the manufacture of heat-resistant alloy parts with complex shape, accurate size and smooth surface, such as blades, impellers and nozzles. Because it is difficult to machine heat-resistant alloy materials and the shape of parts is complex, so it is impossible or difficult to use other methods to manufacture them. Therefore, it is necessary to find a new and precise forming process. To learn from the lost foam precision casting handed down in ancient times, after the improvement of materials and process, the modern lost foam investment casting method obtains important development on the basis of ancient technology.

Aviation Industry Promotes Investment Casting Technology

Therefore, the development of the aviation industry promotes the application of lost foam pattern for investment casting, and the continuous improvement and perfection of investment casting also create favorite.

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