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3D Printing for Investment Casting

3D Printing for Investment Casting

As an advanced intelligent application, 3D printing technology is popular in many fields! Among them, the application in the field of investment casting made the audience applaud! The use of 3D graphics in the computer for proofing and molding makes it get rid of the tedious and inefficient traditional casting process, greatly promotes the efficiency of refined production, and makes investment casting more efficient and environmentally friendly! And its advantages of strong flexibility and wide applicability can better meet the stringent requirements of complex structure and fine details of castings in current production and manufacturing. It is an effective method to realize single-piece or small-batch agile manufacturing of metal parts and is widely used in aerospace, automobile and motorcycle, household appliances and other fields.


In which investment casting fields can 3D printing be applied?


3D printing casting - model preprocessing and assembly group tree



3D printing casting - shell making


3D printing castings - dewaxing


3D printing casting - roasting


3D Printing Castings - Eliminating Ashes


3D printing casting - preheating and pouring


3D printed casting finished product


3D printing investment castings


3D printing casting


3D printing a large size casting of 346mm*346mm*164mm


3D printing precision casting


3D printing precision automotive castings

The intervention of 3D printing technology has successfully solved the problems of high cost and long cycle of traditional precision casting, which has greatly promoted the efficiency of industrial production, making the details more delicate while taking into account the concept of environmental protection. Generally speaking, 3D printing technology has led new innovations in the field of precision casting and has become an indispensable part of its closed-loop production. In the future, 3D printing will also explore more exciting applications in precision casting!

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