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martrix520 lcd 3dprinter 02
martrix520 lcd 3dprinter 02

Martrix520 3D Printer

The Martrix series represents professional-grade desktop printers.

-HIGH precision: easily achieve 0.15mm detail, and accuracy is comparable to DLP printing technology.

-HIGH efficiency: printing speed up to 50mm/h, forming a volume of one surface at a time.

-LOW usage cost: light source, screen, release film with long life & low replacement cost.

Martrix520 3D Printer Technical Data

Build (XYZ)

298 × 165 × 320 mm 


 ±0.1 mm

Layer Thickness0.05-0.15 mm
Screen Size

10.1 inch / 13.3 inch


6480 x 3600 px, 46 μm

Wavelength405 nm
Controlling SoftwareUnionTech™ RSCON
Data Preparation SoftwarePolydevs
Operation SystemLinux
Printing File Format.utk
Rated Power360W
Machine Size (W x D x H)515 × 560 × 970 mm
Machine Weight68 kg
Resin VatReplaceable Film
Warranty12 Months Service and Support, under UnionTech Purchase Terms and Conditions
Regulatory ConformityCE / UKCA

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