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The Story of UnionTech Technical Support Team

As the core service department of UnionTech, Technical Support Department is currently divided into five business lines including industrial business line, oral business line, footwear business line, overseas business line and education business line. Technical support service has played an important role in UnionTech’s brand operation system and improved the overall users’ satisfaction with our 3D printing products. Over the 21 years since establishment of UnionTech, the technical support team has grown from 2 people to 39 people.

The Story of UnionTech Technical Support Team

Our Service Mode

1. Regional Service Outlets

2. On-site Service

3. Online Support (Customer Service Phone+ Online Robot)

Our Service Content

1. Pre-sales Consulting

2. New Machine Installation during Sales

3. After-sales Old Machine Maintenance

4.Builing of Training System: Primary Centralized Training+ Intermediate Enhanced Training

5. Sales of 3D printing materials

“Over the dozen years, our team has faced lots of difficulties and problems which have finally been overcome by us.”

“My greatest feeling in this department is that the technical support department is a department in which people must keep learning and improving. We have been making endless exploration, continuously improving the quality and level of service and always putting customers’ benefits first.”

— by LI Chunhan, director of Technical Support Department, UnionTech

“They give a thumbs-up to 3D printers made in China, which is the greatest recognition to us!”

The director LI Chunhan told us a touching story…

Our equipment has been sold overseas very early. Around 2011, a client from Russian electronics industry purchased our products. They had very high requirements for the precision of products. After the 3D printer was debugged to its best condition, the prototype was printed on the spot. The client was very surprised when seeing the high-precision printing of the prototype. The products they manufactured with traditional processes were very rough and very time-consuming, so it formed a very strong contrast when comparing with the products manufactured by 3D printer. They give a thumbs-up to 3D printers made in China, which is the greatest recognition to us!

The Story of UnionTech Technical Support

In 2020, the technical services team achieved more than 95% acceptance rate of new machines; in terms of the footwear industry, more than 85% of the old machines were upgraded; 8 intermediate training programs and 10 primary centralized training programs were completed. Meanwhile, the remote customer service received repair reports for nearly 5,000 times throughout 2020, and more than 70% of the repair reports were solved remotely. In this process, the team completed the sorting of most standardized operating procedures and SOP output, simplified the on-site installation steps, and doubled the installation efficiency.

“The technical service team has also fully strengthened the inter-departmental information interaction and cooperation within the company during the department construction and management. The technical service team has been keeping good communication with the R&D department, operation department and the application center. The business team involves in the front-line market of 3D printing, constantly collects customer demands in the process of work, understands the development direction of industry equipment, and timely summarizes and delivers the information to the R&D department, application center and operation department, so as to provide suggestions for the improvement and expansion of products.”

— by ZENG Hongliang, manager of Technical Support Department, UnionTech

“In any case, even if in the face of the greatest difficulties, we will reach the client as soon as possible and provide our best service.”

— by LIAO Zhimeng, head of overseas business line of Technical Support Department, UnionTech

COVID-19 is an acid test for us. In April 2021 when Thailand was in the midst of the second wave of the outbreak, with up to 9,000 new cases per day, we received an order from a client in Thailand and needed to complete equipment installation and debugging on site. LIAO Zhimeng felt struggled when receiving this task, because on the one hand, the situation of the epidemic abroad was unknown and the number of people infected in Thailand continued to rise every day, he wondered what difficulties would he face; on the other hand, a sense of responsibility arose from the bottom of his heart spontaneously. He finally received the task, and the company also provided vaccine, insurance and various protective equipment for him. LIAO went to Thailand alone and completed the task successfully. It is hard to describe all the experience and the situation at that time with words. It can only be reflected in our high-quality services.

Original and Perfect Training System

Primary Training+ Intermediate Training+ Internal Training

Primary Training

In order to better serve clients and make clients more skilled in using the equipment, we regularly organize clients to hold primary training. It used to take at least a week for the new machine installation and training of a new client. By the primary training, our machine installation training only takes three days, which greatly improves our work efficiency and enhances the client’s proficiency in our equipment. The training content mainly includes software operation, equipment operation, equipment care& maintenance and common equipment fault treatment. An assessment will be carried out after the systematical training. After passing the assessment, the certificate of 3D additive manufacturing certification will be issued. In 2020, we trained more than 400 people and fostered many excellent talents for our clients.

Intermediate Training

For some clients with larger scale, we provide on-site intermediate training. The intermediate training includes spare parts replacement, problem analysis& treatment, etc. It aims to make clients have a deeper understanding of the equipment, ensure the normal production of clients’ equipment, improve the production efficiency of the equipment, and create more value for clients.

Internal Training

Internally, we also attach great importance to the cultivation of talents. We regularly organize the training of new projects, new technologies and new knowledge, improve the professional skills of the team, and provide more professional services for clients. Meanwhile, we have formulated the standard operation guideline for equipment debugging, requiring each technical staff to execute according to the standards of the guideline.

“Currently, the 3D printing industry is in a shortage of talents. The future of this industry is promising. More and more people are mastering this technology, truly realizing the digital transformation of various industries. Although our department is very puny in the whole industrial system, it is very important. Our professional training can make our clients have a deeper understanding of our products, and help them better improve technology and create higher value.”

— by TANG Jiancheng, deputy manager of the industrial business line of the Technical Support Department

“In our team, we should not be afraid of any problems. When clients put forward some technical requirements, we should be brave to overcomes the difficulties and make continuous progress.”

— by CHENG Ruiyin, head of north China industrial business line of the Technical Support Department

This equipment is mainly featured by its extreme efficiency and intelligence. It can realize a series of functions such as automatic printing, automatic fluid infusion and automatic shoveling under unattended operation. In addition to these automatic functions, it has a large printing format, thus to print the half-a-mouth teeth mold of 96 teeth simultaneously. It takes only can 45 minutes to complete one plate of the teeth mold printing by high-speed printing, with very high precision and standard deviation controlled within 0.08mm.

This product was favored by clients as soon as it was launched. The order of the first client was huge and the delivery time was also very tight. Because the equipment enjoyed revolutionary technology and innovation, and the client was a representative of the mainstream enterprises in the orthodontic industry, they had very high requirements for the printed products, especially the precision and surface quality.

“During the field debugging, we encountered a bottleneck that we couldn’t take both accuracy and surface quality into account. The surface quality was good when the accuracy was poor, and the surface quality was poor when the accuracy was high. We did a lot of testing at the client site, adjusting process parameters and processes. We almost worked more than 16 hours a day then. Hard work pays off. After our unremitting efforts, we finally found the solution to solve the problem of precision and surface quality simultaneously and met the client’s use requirements.”

In our team, we should not be afraid of any problems. When clients put forward some technical requirements, we should be brave to overcomes the difficulties and make continuous progress.

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