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Professional Pre-processing Software for 3D Printing

Polydevs boosts the efficiency and affordability of additive manufacturing pre-processing software, offering an easy-to-use interface and workflow. Its advanced features streamline 3D printing pre-processing, ensuring high quality, efficiency, and reliability.


File Repair

Create water-tight data for 3D printing: identify part errors, and repair files automatically, semi-automatically or manually.



Find the optimal orientation to automatically place parts for your build based upon spacing, volume, base area, print time, support area, support volume and bounding box volume.


Free Cut

Cut with advanced cutting lines: define the cutting directions by 3 points plane, tangent plane, vertical plane, XY plane, XZ plane, YZ plane, polygon, circle, rectangle and section.


3D Packing

Nest parts automatically and quickly for your platform, control the height and density, avoid interlocking and colliding parts, protect small and fragile parts.



Easily add 2D or 3D textures on marked areas, and edit for texture size, position and rotation, or change texture image to suit your needs.


Wall Thickness Analysis

Predict where problems can occur during building and ensure all features of the part are of adequate thickness: detect small details, thin/thick walls.


Lattice Structure

Hollow a part and fill it with a lightweight structure, then add holes to remove the excess powder/resin, help you reduce the weight and material usage in your designs.


Support Generation

Easily identify critical support areas, reduce data preparation time with semi-automatic support generation, and create proper support structures for different types of geometry.


Smart Support

Automated support generation, needle-thin contact points to make support removal easier and leading to a better surface quality for your part, reduce time and materials consumption.


Collision Detection

Check for collision between intersecting triangles or with an indicated clearance between different parts.



Slice parts with any layer size, and you can set different layer size in different area of parts for adaptive slicing, and visualize the contours of each slice conveniently.

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