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UnionTech Showcased Innovative 3D Printing Solutions at Manufacturing Expo 2024

UnionTech made a significant impact at Manufacturing Expo 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand, by unveiling their latest advancements in 3D printing technology. This prestigious event, ASEAN’s most comprehensive for manufacturing and supporting industries, focuses on boosting productivity, digital transformation, and achieving carbon net-zero through advanced technologies.


Upgraded the Lite600 2.0 System

UnionTech’s Lite600 2.0 is a compact and highly capable upgrade of the well-known Lite600. The new version features a smaller size, reduced footprint, and lighter weight, making it ideal for companies with limited workspace. This compact design allows for maximizing available space and potentially installing multiple machines in areas previously limited to one larger machine. Its mobility is particularly beneficial for companies needing to frequently reconfigure their workspace or move equipment.


Key Features of Lite600 2.0

Large-Format 3D Printing: Build volume of 600 mm x 600 mm x 400 mm (144 liters) for intricate prototypes and end-use parts.

Variable Laser Beam Technology: Dynamically adjusts beam size for enhanced print quality and speed.

Innovative Liquid Level Control: Ensures stable resin levels to prevent defects and reduce waste.

Martrix300 Professional-Grade LCD Printer

UnionTech also introduced the Martrix300, a professional-grade LCD 3D printer with a build volume of up to 217 x 122 x 300 mm. It features several advanced technologies compared to other models in the series.


Key Features of Martrix300

COB Light Source: High rectangular resolution of 19×24μm with over 90% printing uniformity and stronger light intensity.

Gravity Pressure-Sensing Refilling: Automatically adjusts resin level for fully automated production.

Anti-Pressure Monitoring: Detects foreign objects to prevent disruptions and minimize print failures.

Comprehensive Application Solutions

UnionTech showcased a variety of application solutions at the expo, demonstrating the versatility and efficiency of their 3D printing technologies.

Automotive Industry

SLA 3D printing technology significantly enhances design and manufacturing efficiency in the automotive industry. It enables rapid prototyping, reduces R&D costs, and produces complex parts with high precision, improving overall vehicle performance and safety. Additionally, it supports customized production and quickly produces replacement parts, extending vehicle lifespans.


Tire Master Molds

3D printing technology offers substantial advantages in the tire mold industry by shortening production cycles, achieving complex structures, reducing material waste, and facilitating customized production. This flexibility allows for quick responses to market demands, enhancing competitiveness.


Jigs and Fixtures

SLA 3D printing produces highly precise and detailed jigs and fixtures, reducing production cycles and costs. It allows for customization to meet specific industry needs, improving production line flexibility and efficiency.


Buddha Statues and Sculptures

SLA technology is expert in creating intricate Buddha statues and sculptures, reproducing fine details with high precision. It ensures quality and consistency in mass production and supports various materials, enhancing the artistic value and efficiency of production.


UnionTech’s impressive showcase at Manufacturing Expo 2024 status as a leading provider of industrial 3D printing solutions. The company continues to push the boundaries of additive manufacturing, empowering businesses across various industries to enhance manufacturing processes, reduce costs, and accelerate product development.

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