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UnionTech Empowers Dentistry with the Latest 3D Printing Dental Solutions

From May 17th to 18th, the Dental Technology Showcase 2024 was successfully held at the NEC in Birmingham. As a premier dentistry exhibition in the UK, it attracted a wide range of professional dental suppliers from both local and international backgrounds, offering cutting-edge solutions for dental professionals. UnionTech, along with its subsidiary EvoDent, presented a comprehensive range of dental 3D printing solutions, including the E128 and E230 desktop chairside printers and the fully automated D300 dental printer.


Desktop Chairside Dental 3D Printing Expert - E128

The EvoDent E128, from UnionTech, uses LCD technology to meet the high customization and economic demands of dental models within a compact footprint. With a resolution of 6K, a pixel size of 50 μm, and a build volume of 128 x 81 x 150 mm, the E128 achieves efficient and rapid printing of dental models with outstanding accuracy. It boasts a maximum printing speed of 130 mm/h, allowing the completion of a model in as little as 20 minutes, fully meeting the high-speed and customization needs of dental clinics. The E128 also supports a wide range of dental resin materials, operating at a 405nm wavelength, making it versatile for various oral treatment needs.


Greater Build Volume, Higher Efficiency - E230

The EvoDent E230 desktop dental 3D printer features a 219 x 124 x 190 mm build volume, allowing the simultaneous construction of 6-8 dental models in a single print. A full-board print in just 20 minutes significantly enhances production and operational efficiency. Utilizing LCD technology with 8K resolution and a pixel size of 30 μm, the E230 achieves precision upgrades while maintaining high printing speeds, ensuring extraordinary print quality with delicate details. The E230 also includes an intelligent temperature control system, an independent resin chamber with automatic resin replenishment, and optimized printing efficiency.


Full Automation in Dentistry - D300

The D300, EvoDent's latest automated masterpiece, uses DLP 3D printing technology, representing UnionTech's advancement in digital light processing. Targeting medium to large dental prosthetic factories, the D300 enables full-process automation from layout to sorting, allowing 24/7 unmanned operation. Equipped with dual 4K projection units and a build volume of 258 x 230 x 120mm, it can produce up to 180 dental models within 24 hours with high precision, balancing speed and accuracy.


Diverse Applications of Dental Models

UnionTech showcased practical applications of their core E-series and D-series products at DTS2024, focusing on orthodontic models, implant models, restoration models, surgical guides, and more. This exhibition highlighted UnionTech's commitment to technological innovation and production efficiency in the dental field. UnionTech aims to continue driving the industry forward with comprehensive solutions for dentistry through continuous innovation and technology.




At DTS 2024, UnionTech provided an intuitive practical experience to visitors, expanding the EvoDent customer base and deepening the professional practice and application of additive manufacturing technology in dentistry.

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