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UnionTech Showcased Latest Innovations at TCT Asia 2024

TCT Asia 2024, held from May 7th to 9th at the NECC in Shanghai, was a resounding success. This premier 3D printing technology exhibition in Asia attracted top 3D printing brands and visitors from across the globe. UnionTech, a leader in China’s additive manufacturing sector, made a notable impact, showcasing its latest 3D printing systems and comprehensive AM solutions. The event provided an excellent platform for exploring the vast potential of additive manufacturing, taking ideas seamlessly from concept to production.

UnionTech Latest Products

At the exhibition, UnionTech showcased three advanced additive manufacturing systems: the industrial-grade SLM metal 3D printer Muees430, the SLA 3D printer Lite380 designed for educational applications, and the professional-grade LCD 3D printer Matrix300. The highlight was a live printing demonstration of the Muees430, offering visitors a comprehensive insight into its capabilities.

Industrial SLM Metal 3D Printer - Muees430


Muees430 at TCT Asia 2024. Photo by UnionTech

Muees430 System Specifications

Build Volume

430 x 430 x 400 mm

 (not including substrate plate thickness)

Build Chamber Size440 x 350 x 440 mm
Laser TypeYb-fiver Laser, 2 x 500 W / 3 x 500 W
Precision Optics4F-theta-lenses
Layer Thickness20 μm - 100 μm
Max. Scanning Speed6 m/s
Inert GasAr / N2
Power380 vAC, 50 Hz
Machine Dimentions2950 x 1350 x 2200 mm
Machine Weight2200 kg

Professional LCD 3D Printer - Matrix300


Martrix300 at TCT Asia 2024. Photo by UnionTech

Martrix300 Specifications

Build Volume217 x 122 x 300 mm
Resolution11520 x 5210
Axis Precision0.00125 mm
Pixel Size19 x 24 μm
Printing Speed115 mm/h
Wavelength405 nm
Max. Light Output Intensity7.0 mW/cm²
Layer Thickness0.03 - 0.2 mm
Exposure Screen10.1" Monochrome 12k LCD
Control Panel7" LCD Touch Screen
Resin TankReplaceable Film
Rated Power400 W
Machine Dimentions417 x 398 x 704 mm
Machine Weight36 kg

Industrial-grade SLA 3D printer - Lite380


Lite380 at TCT Asia 2024. Photo by UnionTech

Lite380 System Specifications

Build Volume380 x 380 x 250 mm / 380 x 380 x 150 mm
Layer Thickness0.05 - 0.25 mm
Precision±0.1 mm ( L≤100mm ) / ±0.1% x L ( L>100mm )
Laser Power3000 mW
Scanning Speed6-10 m/s
Rated Power2.6 kVA
Machine Dimentions968 x 762 x 1722 mm
Machine Weight597 kg

Multi-industry Comprehensive Application Solutions

At the TCT Asia exhibition, UnionTech not only introduced latest 3D printing systems but also showcased its innovative comprehensive application solutions across various industries, including footwear, dental, medical, cultural and creative, and automotive sectors.

Footwear Industry

The traditional process of producing shoe molds involves multiple complex steps, including CNC wood molding, wood mold modification, silicone mold turning, plaster mold turning, gypsum sintering, metal casting, and texture. This complex process often makes it challenging to achieve fine textures. UnionTech's independently developed 3D printing solution for the shoe industry effectively solves these challenges, streamlining production and enabling the creation of detailed engravings with ease.


- Design Stage

UnionTech offers comprehensive support during the design phase, including digital texturing, Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) consulting (such as optimizing for lightweight structures and cooling efficiency), and early design verification using SLA/DLP technologies.

- 3D Printing Pre-processing & Manufacturing Stage

UnionTech provides a complete range of solutions, including Polydevs pre-processing, additive process design, material selection, SLM metal 3D printing systems and various non-metal 3D printers.

- Post-processing & Detection Stage

UnionTech offers tailored post-processing process design for various materials, collaborating with users to identify the most suitable material applications across different industries.


SLA 3D printing technology has effectively replaced traditional textures and wooden molds, significantly alleviating many of the drawbacks of conventional methods. In metal 3D printing, this technology applies digital texture directly to final products, thereby reducing the overall production cycle of shoe molds and enhancing production quality. This innovative shoe mold solution allows UnionTech to achieve more comprehensive and in-depth applications across various fields, including metal molds, sole textures, mass production wood molds, rapid molds, prototype models, and IP foam molds.

Dental Industry 

To meet the growing demand for customized dental applications, UnionTech leverages the versatility of 3D printing technology to develop comprehensive solutions tailored specifically for the dental industry, effectively managing the complexity of dental structures.


Consider the process of dental examinations. Traditionally, patients undergo X-rays or CT scans, and during orthodontic treatments, they often face the cumbersome process of taking silicone impressions. Doctors diagnose and design treatments based on patient models, panoramic radiographs, and lateral radiographs. This conventional method heavily depends on the doctor’s experience, resulting in higher costs and an increased risk of misdiagnosis.


3D printing technology revolutionizes oral diagnostics by efficiently and accurately capturing digital data of the patient’s oral environment through 3D scanning. Utilizing UnionTech’s proprietary dental application solutions, the process automates layout, task assignment, refilling, printing, removal, and sorting. This automation transforms oral diagnostics and treatment from being experience-based to becoming precise, personalized, and digitalized practices. Currently, dental 3D printing technology is successfully applied in various areas, including restoration models, implant models, surgical guides, temporary crowns and bridges, and orthodontic models.

Automotive Industry 

As additive manufacturing technology continues to evolve, its benefits in the automotive industry are becoming increasingly evident. UnionTech's automotive solutions now offer a wide range of applications, including prototypes and functional verification, production of end-use parts, jigs and fixtures, and tire molds.

- Prototyping and Validation

Utilizing 3D printing technology for producing conceptual models and functional prototypes enables automotive designers and engineers to verify clutch designs and other engine components early in the product development process. Compared to traditional methods, 3D printing significantly reduces design verification time and minimizes the cost associated with design errors.

In the realm of vehicle interior and exterior decoration, 3D printing technology is integrated throughout the product design and R&D stages, including the creation of interior parts, end-use components, and functional prototypes. This integration has streamlined the production cycle of automotive interior and exterior decorations while effectively reducing overall production costs.


- Production of End-Use Components

The direct application of additive manufacturing technology in the automotive industry is progressively expanding. From prototype validation to the production of final parts, UnionTech uses 3D printing technology to drive continuous innovation in automobile manufacturing. Currently, the end-use parts supported include a select range of high-performance components, lightweight and customized automotive parts, and small batch parts for high-end vehicles.


- Fixtures and Jigs

Different from traditional production methods, 3D printing technology makes digital production and efficient manufacturing possible. Compared with CNC processing, 3D-printed jigs and fixtures can save 25% of production time, making the operation process simpler. Less materials are required during the production process, which effectively reduces inventory and significantly reduces manufacturing costs.


- Tire Molds

UnionTech has developed an innovative digital 3D printing solution specifically designed for the tire mold industry. This comprehensive solution encompasses specialized 3D printing system,  printing materials, complete production process packages, advanced post-processing solutions, and a 3D printing cloud platform system. By integrating these elements, UnionTech has effectively embedded 3D printing technology into the tire mold manufacturing process.


- Cultural and Creative Industry

3D printing technology has transformed the traditional approach to product design, development, and production within the cultural and creative industries. Leveraging 3D printing, this technology delivers superior surface quality and higher yields while significantly reducing production costs.



Traditional methods in the cultural and creative sectors heavily depend on human expertise and manual skills, often falling short in achieving micron-level precision. This reliance not only impacts accuracy but also presents challenges in creative fidelity, production cycles, and costs.


3D printing technology enhances designers' creative potential by streamlining the process for complex artistic designs, which previously required several months to complete. Any errors during this lengthy process necessitated starting over, leading to extended production times. UnionTech addresses these challenges by utilizing advanced digital modeling and its proprietary intelligent software, UnionTech ONE, for efficient pre-processing. This is followed by the use of professional 3D printing equipment to swiftly and accurately reproduce the product. This method surpasses traditional processes in model accuracy, surface quality, and production speed.

640 拷贝.jpg

Currently, this innovative technology is successfully applied in diverse fields such as animation fashion toys, fine sculptures, Buddha statue production, and film and television props.

- Medical Industry

The additive manufacturing technology in the medical field has significantly advanced digital medicine. For doctors, it has simplified treatment processes, reduced the complexity of procedures, and increased confidence in solving various diseases. For patients, the incorporation of 3D printing technology caters to personalized treatment needs, resulting in enhanced treatment outcomes, reduced costs and shorter treatment cycles.


UnionTech’s medical solutions focus on two main areas: auxiliary functions and implantable functions. Auxiliary functions encompass prototype reshaping, preoperative planning, rehabilitation gear, and surgical guides. Implantable functions cover defect implants, medical aesthetic implants, and functional implants. From materials and software to equipment and post-processing, Luentech’s proprietary industry solutions effectively support medical institutions in successfully implementing a digital medical model.

New Upgraded Materials

UnionTech Technology has introduced two new high-performance materials at TCT Asia 2024, developed by its subsidiary Synthetic: the FR-42 V-0 level self-extinguishing flame retardant material and the Temp-R220 high-temperature resistant material. These new material upgrades infuse fresh energy and drive into technological innovation and industry advancement.

640-26 拷贝.jpg

FR-42 V-0 Level Self-extinguishing Flame Retardant Material

The FR-42 V-0 self-extinguishing flame retardant material introduces a new era in fire safety with its halogen-free flame retardant technology. This ensures that flames on the material automatically extinguish once the fire source is removed. Rigorous professional testing has demonstrated its exceptional flame-retardant effectiveness during both initial combustion and re-ignition scenarios. Additionally, this material is designed for large-format SLA printers, offering excellent toughness, easy handling, reliability and superior accuracy with high surface quality. Notably, its 2.5mm sample has achieved UL 94 V-0 certification, underscoring its outstanding overall performance.


Temp-R220 High Temperature Resistant Material

This material boasts a heat deformation temperature exceeding 220°C and a long-term use temperature above 250°C. It offers excellent strength and a degree of toughness, making it ideal for large-format SLA printers. Additionally, it ensures good stability, reliable accuracy, and exceptional surface quality, even in complex environments.


At TCT Asia 2024, UnionTech experienced vibrant engagement with exhibitors, visitors and customers alike. The event facilitated professional discussions focused on materials, equipment, technology, applications and more, all contributing to the advancement of additive manufacturing technology and heralding a new era of innovation and transformation.


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