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Reshape the Tire Industry, Technology Gallops the World—3D Printing and Tire Mold Industry

With the rapid development of the automobile industry, the competition in the tire market has gradually become fiercer, and the consumer market has higher and higher requirements for the performance of tires. The pattern design of the tire directly determines the performance of the tire, and the design and manufacture of the pattern in the tire mold is a recognized technical difficulty in this industry.

The precision of the tire mold directly affects the accuracy and quality of the tire, as well as the safety and driving comfort of the tire. The iterative acceleration of tire tread updates brings new challenges to tire mold manufacturers. Tire molds are not only small in number and diverse in variety, but also complex in shape, with many radians and angles, which are difficult to accurately complete with traditional processing techniques.

Traditional tire mold manufacturing art

In the field of tire mold manufacturing, there are two major technical difficulties. One is complex high-performance tire molds, such as winter tires or snow tire molds, which require high tire performance. The second is tire molds with complex patterns. This type of mold requires manual modification of complex parts processing dead corners, and some also need manual decoration of steel sheets.

< Schematic of steel sheet inlay >

In the traditional tire mold manufacturing process, manual decoration and steel sheet inlay is one of the troubles for some mold manufacturers. Especially high-performance tire molds, such as winter tires, snow tires, or specially designed tires, require a large number of steel sheets for decoration, and some molds even require thousands of steel sheets, which increases the difficulty of the process geometrically.

Empowering the tire mold industry through digital means

In response to such market demands, UnionTech company has tailored a new digital 3D printer solutions for the tire mold industry based on its own technical advantages and years of experience in the 3D printing industry in response to the manufacturing pain points of the tire mold industry. This innovative solution includes 3D printing equipment dedicated to the tire mold industry, printing materials, manufacturing process packages, post-processing solutions, and 3D printing cloud platform systems. Really integrate the 3D printing process into the tire mold manufacturing process. The tire mold industry solution combines the status quo of the tire mold industry and integrates UnionTech’s 20+ years of experience in equipment, DLP materials, processes, and software to provide customers with the original digital process parameter package created by UnionTech to realize the digital transformation of the tire mold industry .

UnionTech RA600

A 3D printer tailored for the tire mold industry

Starting from the practical application of the tire mold industry, Union Tech has developed a 3D printing equipment suitable for the tire mold industry - RA600. The advent of RA600 solves the problems of high cost, low efficiency and complicated process in the tire industry, and provides strong support for the tire mold industry to realize intelligent manufacturing.

RA600 hajks good stability. The body is equipped with high-end photoelectric components, combined with the efficient and stable control scheme developed by UnionTech itself, which ensures the stability of printing. Stability is one of the factors we need to consider when choosing some mechanical equipment. More than 20 years of hard work in the professional field has created UnionTech's absolute position in the field of 3D printing photocuring. At the same time, UnionTech has also created high-stability and high-reliability products with solid craftsmanship and leading technology.

The tire mold printed by RA600 also has the characteristics of ultra-high precision, the details of the pattern are highly restored, the size deviation of the pattern groove is controlled within ±0.05mm, and the roundness deviation is controlled within ±0.05mm. It can present complex shapes that are difficult to achieve manually, which greatly improves the design space. At the same time, it also improves the complicated process of manual decoration and steel sheet inlay, shortens the production cycle, improves the overall efficiency, and saves a lot of labor costs and production costs.

Not only that, with an industrial SLA 3D printer RA600, the tire mold factory can also make it on demand, reduce inventory pressure, and even achieve zero inventory. At the same time, 3D printing, as a new type of additive manufacturing technology, is environmentally friendly and reduces chemical pollution to a certain extent.

■ Combined with the characteristics of the tire industry, tailor-made for the tire industry

■ High efficiency, high precision, high stability

■ Possess independent patent copyright of variable light spot

■ The first automatic calibration technology

■ More than 20 years of 3D printing industry technology, strength and application experience

■ Possess 185 patented technologies, and the layout of intellectual property rights covers major market areas such as China and the European Union

■ Owns more than 60% of domestic industrial-grade 3D printing user groups

■ Brand awareness and market influence in the field of industrial 3D printing applications

Seiko secret agents, ingenuity quality

Ultra-high definition, delicate surface, smooth texture.

Highly restored details are complex shapes that are difficult to achieve manually, and the design space is infinitely improved.

As the leader of industrial 3D printing in China, UnionTech not only has high-stability and high-quality printing equipment, but also owns self-developed data pre-processing software Polydevs, printing control software RSCON/DSCON, process algorithm software BP and management collaboration system Unionfab in digital production . A complete layout of the 3D printing software system was constructed. It truly subverts the traditional production process, optimizes the data preparation process, is easy to use and implements, and finely manages production information to meet the IT management requirements of enterprises. Besides RA600, there are also industrial DLP 3D printers and mid size resin printers in UnionTech company.

Precision and depth, only focus on 3D printing industry

The tire mold industry is about to usher in the digital era of iterative industrial development, and disruptive changes are just around the corner. UnionTech will be committed to the development and application of new equipment and materials, intelligent manufacturing, and digital production management systems, empowering the tire mold industry with professional technology and knowledge, maintaining the spirit of innovation, and leading the progress and development of the entire industry.

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