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What kind of sparks will 3D printing and anime collide?


With the increasing maturity of 3D printing technology, many figure companies have also begun to get in touch with this new technology. For many figure lovers, it is undoubtedly a great boon for the figure industry. However, many people are beginning to worry whether 3D printing products will ban the animation figure market. After all, in terms of precision and technology, they can restore the prototype of animation figures 1:1.

Most of the figures can basically be restored by 3D printing, and many complex and well-made prototype designs are made by 3D printing. 3D printing has obvious advantages in this industry relying on its excellent precision and speed.


The mass-produced fashion blind box market of about 10cm


The figure with a height of 10-15cm is the best seller in the market. It has the characteristics of fast response time, timely production, and keeping up with hot spots. The pain points of the industry are cumbersome mold opening and long development cycle.

The role of the 3D printer (including industrial sla 3d printer and industrial dlp 3d printer) is to optimize the traditional process, replace the clay sculpture process of the initial model, reduce costs, and shorten the creation cycle.

△ The mud kneading initial model of the traditional craft is also a kind of creation, and the creation modification after the intervention of 3D printing is completed in the data stage

△ The traditional process takes about 6 months to complete the first batch of finished products, and 3D printing helps shorten the process to 3 months

△ 3D printing technology can directly complete the decomposition of the data model

△ Reduce the number of mold openings and significantly reduce costs

△ Data can be reprocessed, expanded or scaled


small ledger

A PUV mold-like doll (3000-5000 pieces),

Calculated on the basis of 5,000 pieces: 5 sets of steel molds are required after dismantling, each set of steel molds is 20,000 yuan, that is, the mold fee is 100,000 yuan, and each mold fee is shared equally at 20 yuan/piece; post-processing: white blank injection molding + painting + packaging =16 yuan/piece. That is, the comprehensive cost is 36 yuan/piece. The cycle is 3 months.

If you use SLA 3D printing solution: instead of the steel mold step process, the cost is 60*0.13*1.3=10 yuan based on 60 grams per piece. The process cycle is shortened by 2 months and the cost is reduced by 50%.

About 25cm hand-made sculpture market


When the height of the figure exceeds 25cm, the market changes a lot.

3D printers can further help practitioners deeply optimize the process, greatly shorten the development cycle, and reduce the number of mold openings.

△ Direct printing with 3D printing technology

△ Use a hollow 3D printing model, and then inject resin

△ Greatly shorten the development cycle

△ Greatly expanded business models such as pre-sale and customization

UnionTech company, a leader in the digital reform of the animation industry

Currently, in the field of light curing, UnionTech mainly introduces two solutions: DLP and SLA.


DLP 3D printing process:

Scope of application: figures (skin, hair)

Pay more attention to the restoration of details, and the surface is smooth and textured.


DLP printer: π200

SLA 3D printing process:

Scope of application: blind box, figure (abutment, body, clothing, props)

Compared with DLP, SLA has significant advantages in printing speed, printing volume, etc., and can print larger formats. Combined with DLP, it can ensure speed + detail restoration.


SLA printer: π663

Print format: 600X600X400mm

How to 3D print a small orange cat


For 3D printing materials in the animation industry, high temperature resistant photosensitive resin materials are the first choice.

c is composed of two major parts, namely photoinitiator and resin (resin is composed of prepolymer, diluent and a small amount of auxiliary agent).

The amount of photoinitiator and diluent has an important influence on the curing speed and curing quality of photosensitive resin. When the proportion of photoinitiator and diluent is appropriate, not only the curing speed is fast, but also the curing quality is better. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a big brand manufacturer. Mature and stable photosensitive resin 3D printing materials are very important for the display effect of animation products. In view of the characteristics of the animation industry, in terms of the performance of photosensitive resin 3D printing materials, photosensitive resin materials with functions such as high temperature resistance, moisture resistance and waterproof, and excellent surface quality are required. The various 3D printing materials tailored by UnionTech for the animation industry have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, waterproof, excellent surface quality, and perfect details. UnionTech not only has photosensitive resin material but also liqcreate premium model, liqcreate castable and so on. The materials are complete and available.

The integration of 3D printing technology and the animation industry will help the animation industry complete a revolutionary upgrade.

The pace of development of the times has never stopped. We strongly feel that there are more and more 3D printing works and the technology is becoming more and more mature.

1. Differentiated small batch quick response and flexible production

2. Distributed manufacturing and intelligent production management

3. Breakthrough in materials, truly replacing traditional materials

4. To meet the needs of diversified markets, and to meet the industry's special technical support needs for colorful printing, stop-motion animation, soft models, and intelligent model expansion

We believe that the integration of 3D printing technology and the animation industry will help the animation industry complete a revolutionary upgrade. With the continuous update and iteration of materials, the gradual decline of prices, and the improvement of the accuracy and speed of 3D printing equipment, we believe that the deep and large-scale application of 3D printing in the animation industry should come soon.

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