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Xifeng Buddha Art Statue: 3D printing technology, endowing sculpture artists with the ability of secondary sublimation!

Buddhism has been introduced to my country since the Western Han Dynasty. Before that, China had already formed a high degree of sculpture art. Therefore, there is such a group of people, who are the inheritors of Buddhist art, who have carved out one after another Buddha statues full of emotion and soul based on various Buddhist figures. For the general public, they are an indispensable part of the spread of Buddhism. As far as they are concerned, they have integrated into the Buddhist thought, and their goal is to pursue more artistic Buddha statues.

Recently, UnionTech interviewed Huang Zhiliang, the general manager of Xifeng Buddhist Art Statues. It is reported that Huang Zhiliang has been studying sculpture art since he was 16 years old. During the study period, he constantly integrated the Buddhist thought of forgetting things and self, and expressed his thinking and cognition of the world in the form of wood carvings.


With the continuous improvement of the convenience and efficiency of additive manufacturing technology, Xifeng Buddha Art's Buddha statue production process is also shifting from traditional manual carving to 3D printing digital production mode. At present, it has purchased 6 sets of 3D printers from UnionTech, supplemented by the 3D printing digital solution for the sculpture industry developed by UnionTech for the sculpture industry, which has achieved unexpected results in the production of Buddha statues.Huang Zhiliang said frankly that this is an organic combination of technology, religion, and art.

In the 1990s, I felt amazing when I came into contact with 3D printing technology.

Huang Zhiliang revealed that in the 1990s, when he was still studying, he came into contact with 3D printing technology by chance. In his opinion, to obtain such a realistic work, if the master sculptor does not have decades of technical accumulation, it is completely impossible to achieve this effect.


3D printing technology can achieve more ideas at zero cost

In order to pursue more perfect and novel works, artists engaged in carving Buddha statues must constantly think and innovate, spur themselves with Buddhism and aesthetics, and there must be no mistakes in the carving process. Once there is a problem, no matter how the work progresses, you have to go back to the beginning and start all over again.

3D printing technology is based on digital three-dimensional modeling maded of DLP material (liqcreate wax castable and liqcreate premium model), so that creators can freely modify the model without worrying about "once you start, you will never turn back". In other words, 3D printing technology has successfully dispelled creators’ worries about raw materials, time, and physical strength. This convenient way to move at will is a valuable gift from technology to people like us.

In addition, when facing the needs of customers, relying on the efficiency and convenience of 3D printing technology, we can quickly deliver samples to customers in the early stage, avoiding a lot of invalid communication in the middle, and making customers feel at ease about our works. It was simply not possible in the past.


3D printing technology makes traditional craftsmen more valuable

It is a common phenomenon in the Buddha sculpture industry that creators will be forced to retire when they reach the age of 50 due to various problems such as physical function and vision. This is a last resort for them, especially for those who are passionate about this creation, it can be described as a great pity. However, 3D printing has successfully reversed this situation. The emergence of this technology has greatly liberated the hands of creators. As long as they have ideas and creativity, they can continue to cultivate in this field. With the precipitation of time and experience, the consciousness and creativity of traditional handicrafts become more valuable.


Referring to 3D printing software, Mr. Huang said that the convenience of 3D printing is obvious to all, and this convenience cannot be separated from the powerful software support. In this regard, UnionTech stated that 3D printing software is of great significance to the entire 3D printing industry. At present, we are constantly actively developing one-stop software that can better meet different users. Among them, Unionfab ONE is aimed at the application in the field of 3D printing.As an automatic auxiliary tool software that can achieve download and use, one-click efficiency improvement, and high-speed collaboration. The software has been highly recognized by many printing service companies and customers in various industries.


At the end of the interview, Huang Zhiliang said that the beauty of Buddha statues is unspeakable, and Xifeng Buddhist Art has always adhered to the teachings of Buddhism to cleanse the soul. When facing customers, the primary criteria should be good quality and reasonable price. In his view, the creator of the statue is a part of spreading Buddhism and promoting goodness and righteousness. This point of view coincides with UnionTech. As a company deeply involved in the field of additive manufacturing, UnionTech always takes customers as the foundation of development. From the development to the invention of new materials, we will continue to increase research and development efforts, and strive to provide each customer with a more complete and efficient 3D printing digital solution!

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Huang Zhiliang, born in October 1972 in a family of carving artists in Zhangban Town, Quanzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone, a national first-class/senior technician, a master of arts and crafts in Fujian Province, a representative inheritor of Quanzhou's intangible cultural heritage, and a successor of bodiless lacquerware in Quanzhou , art director of Xifeng Buddhist Statue Art Museum, honorary president of Zhangban Sculpture Association, high-level talent in Quanzhou.

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