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Medical 3D Printing Will Have a Huge Impact on People

1. The understanding of 3D laser printer

We may know that in the biomedical field, 3D printing technology is used to create surgical planning models and customize medical instruments for rehabilitation. There is no denying that the application of 3D laser printers in medicine is bringing changes to patients and the medical industry. Here, we introduce you to some newly developed technologies that will open your eyes. 3D printing in biomedicine could create many life-saving items. So where is the application of 3D printing in the medical industry?

2. What are the applications of 3D printing in the medical industry?

Research models: Medical models in which 3D printing is applied to medical industry research are important for conducting tests and drawing conclusions. During the treatment of COVID-19, hospitals in Hunan, China, printed out lung models of patients infected with COVID-19 for medical staff to conduct scientific research.


Sensing device: The study showed that the silicon device could be isolated from models printed using animal heart scans and fitted perfectly to a human heart. The study was conducted by researchers at Washington University in St. Louis. So far, electronic sensors have been able to detect cardiac strain, oxygenation detectors, and temperature.

Custom prosthetics: Those who can't afford artificial limbs made by traditional methods can now own them, and with the help of 3D printing medical products, they can be precisely manufactured at a lower cost.

Treat burn victims: A professor at the Institute for Regenerative Medicine has developed a 3D printer that deposits skin layer by layer directly onto burn victims' wounds. Compared with traditional skin implants for burn treatment, this can greatly reduce the pain of treatment for patients.

Orthodontic: Many dental offices or laboratories use 3D laser printers to create models of patients' teeth. The 3D data needed to make the model can be collected by directly scanning the mouth. 3D printing dental applications can be used as molds and to assist in making crowns and dentures using traditional methods.


Printed medicines: The excellent ability of 3D laser printers to assemble compounds at the molecular level allows the creation of biodegradable and biocompatible medicines that offer advantages over traditional medicines. Application of 3D printing in the medical industry by adjusting the parameters of the printing technology, the content of the drug, the composition of the auxiliary materials can be changed, and then the release rate and amount of the drug can be changed, so that the specific manufacturing process becomes flexible and simple.

Medical equipment: During the current epidemic, 3D printing actively uses its unique advantages to print masks, mask clasps, goggles, protective masks and other epidemic prevention equipment to help people get better protection during the epidemic.

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