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The Additive Manufacturing National Team of China Went to Uniontech for Training

Additive manufacturing, as a new advanced manufacturing technology for engineering, has attracted wide attention from all walks of life. In the following World Skills International, additive manufacturing will be a competition event for the first time. UnionTech is honored to provide industrial-grade high-performance 3D printing technology and equipment training for the Additive Manufacturing National Team of China. From February 16, 2022 to February 20, 2022, the Additive Manufacturing National Team of China went to UnionTech Shanghai Intelligent Manufacturing Center for a five-day centralized training.

The Additive Manufacturing National Team of China Went to Uniontech for Training

Intensive Training on “Theory+ Practice”

It is reported that the Additive Manufacturing National Team of China participated in the online training of UnionTech in December 2021, in which additive manufacturing experts from UnionTech provided the team members with theoretical knowledge training on SLA operating principle, equipment, software, materials and process application. This offline centralized training focused more on practical operation training. HE Jin, Deputy Manager of UnionTech Technology Application Department, TANG Jiancheng, Deputy Manager of UnionTech Technical Support Department, and others provided professional process training, product training and detailed technical guidance for the team members. During the centralized training, the team members quickly consolidated their professional knowledge and improved their skills under the guidance of professional teachers. After the intensive training on “Theory+ Practice”, we expect that the Additive Manufacturing National Team of China will achieve great achievements and win honor for the country!

The Additive Manufacturing National Team of China

Original and Sound Training System

According to the actual needs of customers

UnionTech has set up a sound training system

Primary Centralized Training + Secondary Intensive Training + Internal Training

The Additive Manufacturing National Team

Primary Training

In order to better serve customers and make them more skilled in using the equipment, we regularly organize customers to hold primary training. The training content mainly includes software operation, equipment operation, equipment maintenance and common equipment failure handling, etc. After systematic training, there will be an assessment concerned. A certificate for 3D additive manufacturing certification will be issued to those participants who have passed the assessment.

Secondary Training

For some customers with better foundation, we will provide on-site secondary training. The secondary training includes parts replacement, problem analysis and treatment, etc. It aims to enable customers to have a deeper understanding of the equipment, keep the equipment production of customers running, improve the production efficiency of equipment, and create more value for customers.

Internal Training

Internally, we also attach great importance to the training of talents. We regularly organize training sessions on new project, new technology and new knowledge to improve the team’s professional skills, so as to provide more professional services for customers. At the same time, we have formulated the standard operating procedure (SOP) for equipment debugging, and required each technician to carry out tasks according to the SOP.

“At present, the additive manufacturing industry is desperately short of talents, for which there is a promising future. More and more people grasp this technology, so that it can truly realize the digital transformation of various industries. Our department is very small across the industrial system, but plays a very important role. Through our professional training, we can make our customers have a deeper understanding of our products, help them better improve technology, and create higher value.

—TANG Jiancheng, Deputy Manager of UnionTech Technical Support Department

Dedication to the Cause of Education

UnionTech has always been concerned about and devoted itself to the field of education, promoting the construction of high-quality skilled industry talents with high-quality products and technical services. Moreover, UnionTech has held two training sessions every month for additive manufacturing engineers in the industrial field since 2012, training more than 4,000 people in total, and striving to promote additive manufacturing technology into all walks of life related to the national economy and people's livelihood. In the future, UnionTech will join hands with the schools to gradually promote industry-education integration and school-enterprise cooperation and build additive manufacturing major, and do our best to contribute to the training of compound, skilled talents, and promote the high-quality development of the global additive manufacturing industry.

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