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Why did this 3D printing service company choose the RSPro 1800?

Customer Reference

Tianlu 3D

Main Fields:Auto parts, crafts, animation, etc.

Equipment used: RSPro 1800 from Uniontech, etc.

Mission: Quality makes the brand, Honesty makes the future.

Mr Xu, the general manager of Danyang Tianlu 3D Technology Co., Ltd, first came into contact with 3D printing in 2008. In the following years, the rapid development of 3D printing industry made him see the business opportunities and hope, and he established Tianlu 3D in 2016. In just a few years, the company has developed rapidly and has taken shape, mainly serving the East China market.

Quality and honesty is the way of Mr Xu's management, and also the way of Tianlu 3D's development. From the beginning of the company's development, Tianlu 3D has always recognised Uniontech's 3D printers, from the initial RS6000 to the RSPro 1800, Mr Xu said that Uniontech's 3D printing equipment has always been their first choice.


Why RSPro 1800?


The industrial field often uses some soft, easily deformed, complex surfaces and other parts that are not easy to detect, part of the automotive industry, large household appliances on the shell of the product printing size, accuracy, quality requirements are high, which requires large size 3D printer to complete. Uniontech RSPro 1800 multi-vibrator large 3D printer is undoubtedly the best choice.

1.Breakthrough size limitation

RSPro 1800 is a R&D and production 3D printing equipment launched by UnionTech, which is targeted at enhancing the core competitiveness of automotive, home appliance products and other industries, with a moulding size of 1800×900×600mm, which can be used for the R&D and production of large-scale equipments and accessories such as automotive parts, air-conditioner panels, washing machine panels & rollers, and so on.

Mr Xu said: "One of the common defects of rapid prototyping 3D printing is that the size of the sample is limited by the 3D printing equipment, and Uniontech's RSPro 1800 product can break through the size limitations, to meet our daily automotive supporting the printing needs, as well as the front bumper, grille, centre console, rear bumper, dashboard, and other large-scale automotive parts! "


2. The RSPro 1800 is highly utilised

Due to the increase in format, both large and small samples can be taken care of, the usage rate of large 3D printing equipment is usually very high, and the RSPro 1800 is also a piece of equipment with the highest usage rate in Tianlu 3D. Two RSPro 1800s are printing basically non-stop.

Moreover, the customised large size is energy efficient and environmentally friendly, and the one-shot moulding without splicing ensures the speed of product moulding and improves the quality, with more accurate product details. It is worth mentioning that the RSPro 1800 unique split electrical cabinet, sheet metal cover, easy to remove the design of the equipment in and out as well as the placement of the flexibility to become stronger, for small and medium-sized freight elevators, the passability is very good.


3. Balanced efficiency and stability

3D printing for many industries, the main advantage is that it breaks through the product design constraints, greatly shortening the product development cycle, while greatly reducing the cost of research and development, and synchronised development, to enhance the reliability of new products. At the same time, the requirements for 3D printing equipment will also increase, RSPro 1800 perfectly meets the customer's requirements for efficiency and stability.

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