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3D Printing Technology Perfectly Brings to Life the World of Chinese Legendary and Monstrous Ancient Book The Classic of Mountains and Seas

The Classic of Mountains and Seas is a work full of magical colours. Its contents are all-encompassing and rich in valuable information on geography, mythology, folklore, history of science, religion, ethnology, medicine and other disciplines. Its academic value involves a number of disciplines, and it records the natural geographic elements and human geography of China at that time, such as mountain systems, hydrology, animals and plants, mineral deposits, national geography, economy, and social and cultural customs, in a large number of organised ways.

Independent artist Mr Lu Renjie has created China's first traditional cultural IP masterpiece with the Classic of Mountains and Seas, and the whole series is based on 809 sculpture templates, giving birth to many derivatives. China's profound traditional culture is expressed in today's popular aesthetics, which brings different meanings.

In the contemporary era of highly-developed manufacturing industry, the artist Mr Lu Renjie, with great love for human history, presents the treasure trove left by our ancestors to the children of the Yellow Emperor through 3D printing technology in the perspective of art.



Original Modelling of The Classic of Mountains and Seas Series

Five Elements God Series of the Classic of Mountains and Seas Series

Based on the description characteristics of the Classic of Mountains and Seas, combined with the elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth forms, the Five Elements Series of the Classic of Mountains and Seas was born.

This will be the world of the Classic of Mountains and Seas. Here is also a miniature version of the business model here condensed IP required organs and organs. When enlarged, the space can be a paradise, a town, an RPG game world. Mr Lu Renjie's team uses the language of games to carry out commercial activities, using the language of games, fit the logic of the times, overall, systematic dissemination of Chinese cultural content.

And these, through the form of 3D printing, are perfectly displayed ......

Mr Lu wrote in one of his articles, thanks to the partner company Uniontech, with the power of science and technology to make the design details through the 3D printing technology perfectly presented, exquisite, highly reproducible details, the ultimate efficiency of the finished product. One has to marvel at the rise of Chinese technology.

In the long process of industrial manufacturing level development, with the upgrading of technology, scientific and technological progress, mankind has gradually mastered the power to change the world. With the emergence of 3D printing technology, this new technology for the creation of traditional works of art, has also become a trend. The use of 3D printing to create sculpture, ceramic carcasses, decorative appliances, and even many of the traditional props used in the non-heritage arts, etc., has become commonplace.

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