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3D Printing Technology is a Perfect Fit for the Animation Industry

There is such a group of people who are both trendy artists and craftsmen who remember history at the same time. They love to make beautiful things and share their joy with others. In their world, whether it is virtual things or historical figures, they can be made and perfectly presented in real life. That's right, they have many names: hand puppet designers; hip play artists; model makers ......

As we all know, it takes a long time to make a hand puppet, at least 4 months from drawing→vegetative splicing→adding details→polishing and colouring. During this period, the designers' handcrafting skills are highly tested from drawing to body splicing, which requires a lot of money and time costs. In today's booming 3D printing technology, many designers have given their hope to this technology, so can 3D printing technology break the barriers of handmade items?

Compared with the traditional, 3D printing technology has greatly shortened the production time of handmade items. Unlike the previous production of handcrafts, the model can be built in 3D modelling software, and the thickness of the model layers can be changed according to the demand, which greatly reduces the production time.

In addition, the emergence of 3D printing technology has lowered the threshold of hand puppet production. Traditionally, this industry from the beginning to get started, you have to need to hone three years of time for cutting and polishing materials. Now, as long as you learn computer modelling and understand the characteristics of the material, you can use 3D printing technology to make hand puppet. Lower the threshold at the same time, but also let the anime dolls into a broader space.

The emergence of 3D printing technology has greatly reduced the cost of production. In our model making circle, sometimes we need to "transplant" the parts on other models, before there is no 3D technology, we need to buy other models, and take the parts that we only need to use. This is a huge loss of money. With 3D printing technology, we can select or design parts and print them without the need to buy a complete model.


Finished Scene Vignette Print

3D printing technology is really significant for the production of handmade models! The "Scene Vignette" and "Dinosaur" printed by the π200 anime machine of Uniontech have maintained their shape and fineness very well so far. This shows that the stability of the finished products printed by Uniontech's equipment is extremely high, which can perfectly fit the production of handmade models.


Scene vignette after painting

π200 Anime special machine

A DLP anime 3D printing machine specially designed for anime doll model studios, providing unlimited possibilities for the design of anime doll models!

π200 anime special machine has independent research and development of innovative optical structure, in the industrial grade 4K optical machine support, the finished product printing accuracy reaches 50μm, a variety of models of dolls can meet the finished product needs!


Uniontech not only ploughs into the research and development of equipment technology, but also invests a lot of energy in the research of materials! 3D printing technology has brought great convenience to hand-made models from design to production, and also lowered the threshold. Whether it is mass production or personalised customisation, 3D printing equipment can meet the requirements of model making in terms of precision and stability.

In short, the future of anime hand-made models must be complementary to 3D printing technology!

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