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Union Tech's FM series 3D printers usher in a new era of the applications in shoe industry (Part1)


traditional application

Shoe mold making is an important link in the shoe production process. At present, most of the shoe molds in the shoe industry market still adopt the traditional CNC and fine engraving processing methods. From design to a pair of finished shoe molds, programming, CNC, mechanical processing, mold repairing, mold testing, scratching and other processes are required. The processing procedures are complicated, the cycle is long and the cost is high.

development trend

At present, the development of the footwear industry is in the window period of reshaping the competitive advantage. New channel models in the industry are constantly being explored. The development trend of sports shoes has not only focused on shape design and popularity, but also function and comfort have become one of the key points. Especially for the sole part, the major sports shoe manufacturers have spared no effort to introduce new technologies. Therefore, shoe sole mold factories are faced with the change of shoe shape free surface, shortened product life cycle, and the need to improve quality. In order to meet market demand, this is bound to introduce new technology and new technology in shoe sole mold manufacturing technology for continuous innovation.

The emergence and application of 3D printing has greatly simplified the production process of shoe molds, and the production efficiency has been greatly improved. With the continuous optimization of the industry structure, China's shoe industry will usher in a new round of high-quality growth. UnionTech company has entered the shoe industry market since 2006, and is one of the earliest 3D printing equipment manufacturers in the world to connect with the shoe mold industry. In 2014, it began to establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with Adidas, an internationally renowned shoe brand, and Baocheng International Group, a large global shoe manufacturer. And quickly promote the "FM" (Footwear Manufacture) series of 3D printing mass production equipment, supporting software and cloud system platform for the footwear industry. Provide comprehensive and comprehensive solutions for the shoe industry in various application directions such as viewing molds, trying on molds, and casting molds.

A brand-new "FM" series of 3D printing equipment positioned as an "innovator of mass-produced molds in the shoe industry" was officially put into market application. This series of equipment has gathered nearly 20 years of UnionTech's experience and technical advantages in industry applications.

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