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October 2021 is a very meaningful month for UnionTech company and the Tongji University Formula E team. Prior to this, UnionTech used 3D printing technology to help the Tongji University electric team complete the production of 56 spare parts, helping The new car DRe21 developed by the tram team. Then in November, the tram team used this new car to participate in the competition and achieved excellent results.


One year later, UnionTech exhibited these parts for new car modification at the TCT Asia exhibition (11.3-11.5), and won praises from the exhibitors!


DRe21 has 56 modifications on the whole car, which are completed by UnionTech 3D printing technology, including the front wing, rear wing, side wing, instrument panel, etc. of the body. The brakes and steering wheel exhibited at this TCT Asia exhibition can fully meet the requirements of racing cars in terms of surface quality and hardness. racing speed.


The number of parts independently designed by DIAN Racing of Tongji University is second to none in the country, and it is also one of the earliest teams in China to use 3D printing technology. According to this cooperation, the electric team has fully felt the convenience brought by the technology of 3D printing to the electric team members, so that the team members can easily implement the design and imagination of the electric formula car!

                                3D printing technology's technical support for trams

3D Cooling System Application - Air Duct

The cooling system of the racing car is located on the left and right sides of the racing car. Under the action of the axial flow fan, a vacuum chamber is formed to improve the forced convection of the cooling system and strengthen the heat dissipation, which plays an important role in the electric car.

3D printing has the advantage of easily creating complex parts, which can ensure that the shape of the air duct can perfectly fit the curved support surface of the radiator, axial fan and diffuser, and minimize the airflow resistance of the air duct.


3D cooling system application - overflow bottle

The overflow bottle is to meet the requirements of the competition rules and accept part of the coolant that overflows from the cooling system due to mechanical vibration, heat and other reasons. With the support of 3D printing technology, it is possible to design an overflow bottle shape that is more in line with aerodynamic requirements, which just meets the volume requirements of the competition rules and at the same time reduces the air resistance encountered by the racing car.

3D Interface Cooling System Application - Water-injectable Tee Interface

The water-injectable three-way connection in the electric car can also play the role of a vortex bottle while playing the role of a general three-way connection to add cooling fluid to the heat dissipation system.


The three-way interface printed by 3D printing technology can not only meet the above-mentioned customization requirements, but also adapt to the radiator and water pipe interface size with the smallest volume and lightest weight, and realize the water injection function.

3D human-computer interaction application-steering wheel/dashboard

The steering wheel and instrument panel are the human-computer interaction elements between the driver and the racing car. 3D printing technology supports the customization and lightweight requirements of the steering wheel. The design of the steering wheel perfectly fits the parameters of the driver's palm, and combined with computer-aided topology optimization design, the structure of the steering wheel is strong enough to withstand the feedback torque in any driving scene.


3D Aerodynamics Kit Application - Empennage Keel

The keel is used as longitudinal structural support for the carbon fiber skin, providing sufficient bonding surface to connect the transverse supporting carbon rods. The shape of the aerodynamic package is essentially determined by the keel structure, so the keel is the key to the performance of the aerodynamic package.



3D Aerodynamic Kit Application - Front Wing Keel

In addition, with the support of 3D printing technology, the keel of the aerodynamic kit can be designed using computer-aided topology optimization technology, which meets the requirements of lightweight while meeting mechanical properties such as strength and stiffness.


As a company with more than 20 years of 3D printing technology research and development, UnionTech is constantly exploring the integration of 3D printing technology and various industries. From this cooperation to today's TCT Asia exhibition, the recognition of all the people, all of them show the excellent strength of UnionTech's 3D printing technology. I believe that in the future, UnionTech will bring 3D printing technology to more industrial applications, and help the development of various industries with the power of technology!

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