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Cute380--Define A High-Quality DLP Printer ( Part 2 )

The nature of Cute380


Cute380 is smart, cute and powerful.

Cute380 is a  industrial DLP 3D printer  with both office-grade applications and industrial-grade quality.


2. Positioning -- cross-border

It is suitable for industrial production scenarios to undertake a large number of prototype business.

It is also capable of small batch production, and the product can be used directly.

It is very suitable for customers who have small batch printing needs in the office environment.


Enables rapid verification of design ideas.

To verify whether the idea is suitable in the laboratory, use 380 to print!


3. Small size, large printing format

Print format x-y dimension is 384×216 mm,and the z dimension is 300 or 100 mm.

The depth is flexible, and the shallow groove scheme is provided, and there are many options to choose from, mainly based on customer’s needs.


4. The printing speed is 15-50mm per hour.


5. Three high products: 

high production capacity, high quality, high stability.

(1) High production capacity:

① One board can print a lot. For example, one board can print hundreds of fixtures.

The printing speed can reach 20 mm per hour.

②The printing time is very short. In the orthodontic industry, 90 dental molds can be printed on one plate in more than 40 minutes.

Surface exposure - the more printed, the more complex the structure, the more obvious the efficiency advantage.


(2) High quality:

High precision   High surface quality


High precision:

Dimensional deviation: For printing industrial parts, the dimensional deviation is controlled within a thousandth.

Point source backscan comparison, print out a model, and then backscan into the computer, and compare with the original data, the deviation is controlled within 0.08 mm.

Reasons for high precision:

①The equipment has a good distortion correction algorithm. The core of DLP is the optical engine, which has lens, and the lens has distortion, which cannot be eliminated. But we corrected it through the algorithm to control the web deviation within 50 microns.

②Light source uniformity correction, the uniformity of light intensity in the whole format reaches more than 98%

③ Z-axis positioning accuracy.Thanks to the ball screw, Cute 380 can achieve a positioning accuracy of 6μ.

④Stable liquid level--AI liquid level control algorithm, control the entire liquid level within 20 microns.


High Surface Quality:

① Coating system upgrade:

Based on the upper projection, the light scans from top to bottom, the photosensitive resin has a liquid surface, and there is a scraper when there is a liquid surface.

However, various parameters such as the coating ability of the scraper, the gap between the scraper, the structure of the scraper, and the running speed of the scraper will cause some inherent problems.

This makes the coating uniformity and capacity unable to meet the high precision requirements. Therefore, most of the projections in the DLP machines are below on the market.

Uniontech company faced the difficulties, overcome this problem, broke through the inherent bottleneck, and made the horizontal stripes on the surface fade away.


② Liquid level stability: AI liquid level control algorithm

③Large plane recognition. For example,let ‘s print a thin-walled square box. The ability to coat is high, and the thickness can be uniform

④Anti-aliasing: Digitalization inevitably distorts materials, and Cute380 restores objects to the greatest extent and most realistically, and the lines are softer after anti-aliasing


(3) High stability:

Stable and reliable industrial quality

Not afraid of 24×7 continuous production

Industrial-grade optical core, the quality is not prone to failure

The LED light source has a service life of more than 20,000 hours, and the attenuation is slow after long-term use. Even if there is attenuation, there is power correction.

Multiple sensors monitor the environment and the working status of the equipment, and alarm at any time when there is an abnormality.

Resin is heated, if resin is in a temperature-unfriendly environment, the curing effect will not be good. With resin heating, resin properties can also be well displayed.

High-precision ball screw, double guide rails, deviation 0.0035 mm.



6. Powerful data processing

Automatic data repair function

If there is an error, it can be identified and repaired automatically.

One-key automatic placement, maximizing space utilization and high efficiency.

Powerful support module, automatic support, tree-shaped column, generate bottom plate.

Support at the lowest point, let the support be added to the place where it should be added.


7. Convenience & friendliness

(1) 10-inch touch screen, easy to operate

(2) Data transmission supports wired, wireless, U disk

(3) Support Unionfab One, remote printing control

(4) No consumables, no need to disassemble and replace accessories, easy maintenance

(5) The function of deleting bad parts. Cute380 can select the bad part, delete it, and continue to print other parts which minimize the loss of users.

(6) Emergency stop to protect the operators.

Door opening protection, in line with ISO13849 safety requirements

(7) Progress bar light, visually presenting the printing progress

(8) Large window, the printing process is intuitive and visible, effectively blocking blue-violet light

(9) Silent printing, accompanied by quiet

(10) There is no trouble of replacing the release film on the upper projection

Supporting materials

The matching material is abundant.

(1) MX200

① Washing, alcohol-free cleaning, simple and environmentally friendly.

②High temperature resistance: Usually the temperature resistance of the material is 50-55 degrees, but the high temperature resistance of MX200 can reach 75 degrees Celsius.

③Comparatively high strength while taking into account the finesse of the surface.

④It is suitable for printing orthodontic dental molds, fixtures and other products with  requirements in temperature resistance.



(2) RY70

R stands for Rigid

Designed for upper projection surface exposure 3D printers

High toughness, high temperature resistance, high strength, aging resistance


High toughness: 17% elongation

High temperature resistance: 66.84°, expanding the application

High strength: flexural modulus of 3119 MPa, tensile modulus of 1600 MPa

Aging resistance: 20 months of aging support time


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