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What Are the Advantages of Using a 3D Laser Printer?

Due to the layer-by-layer addition of materials to construct objects, additive manufacturing technology, or 3D printing, has many unique advantages over traditional subtractive and formative manufacturing processes.

The speed and low cost of using a 3D laser printer

With traditional manufacturing processes, it may take weeks or months to receive parts. A 3D laser printer can convert a CAD model into a physical part in just a few hours, producing parts and components from disposable concept models to functional prototypes and even small-scale tests. This enables designers and engineers to develop ideas faster and helps companies bring products to market more quickly.


By using 3D printing, expensive tools and equipment related to injection molding or machining are no longer necessary. From prototype production to manufacturing, the same equipment can be used to create parts with different geometries. As 3D laser printers become more capable of producing functional end-use parts, they can supplement or replace traditional manufacturing methods for increasingly smaller batch applications.

Using the 3D laser printer is customization and design freedom

From shoes to clothes to bicycles, we are surrounded by products with limited quantities and uniform sizes because companies strive to standardize their production process for economy. With the 3D laser printer, each product can be customized for customers by simply changing the digital design without additional tooling costs. This 3d printed transmission first appeared in industries that needed customizations such as medicine and dentistry, but as the 3D laser printer becomes more affordable, they are increasingly being used for mass customization of consumer goods.

The realm of 3D print creativity has revolutionized manufacturing by offering the ability to fabricate intricate shapes and components like suspensions, microchannels, and organic forms that were once either exorbitantly costly or simply unattainable through traditional manufacturing methods. 3D printing presents opportunities to combine components into fewer individual parts to reduce weight, lighten weak joints, and shorten assembly time, opening up new possibilities for design and engineering.


A third advantage of using the 3D laser printer is risk reduction in product development. Product development is an iterative process that requires multiple rounds of testing, evaluation, and improvement. Detecting and repairing design defects early can help companies avoid costly modifications and tool changes. With the 3D laser printer, engineers can thoroughly test prototypes that have the same appearance and performance as the final product, thereby reducing the risk of availability and manufacturability issues before production begins.

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