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Understanding and Application of 3D Printing Technology

What is 3D printing technology?

3D printing is very different from traditional mold production. Its biggest advantage is that it can directly generate parts of any shape from computer graphic data without mechanical processing or any molds, greatly shortening the product development cycle, improving production efficiency, and reducing production costs. At the same time, 3D printing can also print some appearances that traditional production technologies cannot produce. 3D printing technology can also simplify the entire production process, making it fast and effective.

Understand 3D printing applications

3D printing is applied to engineering manufacturing. On the one hand, 3D printing can be used for the production of important parts of high-end manufacturing such as national defense, military, and aerospace. These parts have high production requirements, often cannot be achieved by traditional processes, or even if they can be realized, the cost is too high; on the other hand, 3D printing can also be used for engineering manufacturing of small batches or single products.


3D printing applications in civil development. In terms of civil development, it has brought about a profound change in manufacturing processes, while reducing labor costs. 3D printing technology is known as the core technology of the "Third Industrial Revolution".

3D printing is applied to the medical field. At the same time, 3D printing technology also has significant effects in the medical field. It can be used to print prostheses and help more people who accidentally lose their legs to stand up and live like normal people. "3D printing heart" is another achievement of using 3D printing technology to mimic human organs. The 3D printed heart can be used as a replica of the anatomical structure of the heart, which is useful for practicing complicated heart surgeries. It can also print "kidney organs", but these technologies are still immature.

3D printing is applied to the construction industry. It has achieved remarkable results in the construction industry. The potential of 3D printing is far more than producing DIY household items. In fact, this technology can even completely overturn the traditional construction industry. Compared with the traditional construction industry, 3D printed buildings not only have reliable building materials, but can also save 30% to 60% of building materials, shorten the construction period by 50% to 70%, and reduce labor costs by 50% to 80%. According to estimates, printing can reduce construction costs by at least 50% and make houses more affordable to more people. However, the rigidity, strength, and durability of buildings printed with this new "ink" still need to be further verified.


3D printing allows people to buy such printers at some electronics stores, and factories are also selling them directly. Scientists say that the use of 3D laser printer is still very limited, but one day people will be able to print more practical items with the 3D laser printer.

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