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Technologically Driven, Precise and Sensitive丨UnionTech’s 3D Printing Solution Solves Production Problems for Brazilian Shoe Company Dakota

Recently, UnionTech signed a cooperation agreement with Dakota, a Brazilian (shoe industry) company, to help Dakota achieve high-precision, high-efficiency, and high-level production with the 3D printing solution developed by the company for the shoe industry.


In the era of great development, intelligent manufacturing has brought great production convenience to various industries. As a brilliant light of science and technology in the era of Industry 4.0, additive manufacturing technology, on the premise of innovating traditional manufacturing methods, Uniontech has greatly helped various companies unlock many ideas in the industry. UnionTech has been deeply involved in the field of additive manufacturing for more than 20 years, and has developed unique 3D printing digital solutions for various industries that are suitable for their production. At present, they have been widely used in the fields of automobile, medical, cultural and creative, education and industry, and have won cooperation with partners’ unanimous praise!

"Before we cooperated with UnionTech , we used traditional epoxy resin in the production and processing of shoe molds. To produce a shoe mold, we need to prepare the model (mother mold)-build the mold frame-select the parting surface-apply the release agent- Mixing pouring-resin curing, mold parting-epoxy resin film post-processing-mold assembly and mold trial process. It will consume a lot of labor and time costs in the middle, and we also worry that the quality of the mold will not meet the standard. Some pattern of the shoe is not fine enough and there are many other problems.”  

                                                                                  ——Fernando, the relevant person in charge of Dakota

Dakota, as a shoe-making company in Brazil, sells its products all over the world. With such a huge demand, relying on traditional production methods can no longer meet the development of the company in terms of efficiency. It is reported that after Dakota introduced UnionTech's 3D printing shoe industry solution, with the efficient and intelligent 3D printing equipment - Lite600, it has achieved great results in improving efficiency. In the past, it took nearly 10 hours to produce a shoe mold, but now, the equipment can run 24 hours a day without personnel supervision, and the overall efficiency has increased by nearly 60%. In Fernando's view, this is the miracle that technology has enabled production.

"UnionTech's 3D printing technology has helped us realize the exquisite patterns on the shoe mold. In the past, we had to make the shoes more beautiful through additional manual modification. But now, we can directly print out beautiful, abundant and textured patterns in shoe molds . It can make the shoes look more refined, which will make our customers more satisfied”——Fernando, the relevant person in charge of Dakota

Dakota specializes in producing trendy shoes with great style for women all over the world, and has been keeping up with fashion trends. Whether it is flat shoes, high heels or sports shoes, they can all capture the love of female consumers around the world. In addition, Dakota combines the preferences of different groups of people, and has also developed several shoe brands such as Pedrarias, MISSISSIPI, Kolosh, TANARA, Campesi, Pink Cat, and KOLWAY, all of which occupy a part of the market. This puts forward huge requirements for production quality. In order to realize more creativity in shoes, Dakota has put in a lot of efforts, but due to the blockage and uncontrollability of traditional shoe mold production, it can only rely on artificial secondary processing. UnionTech’s 3D printing digital solution for the shoe industry has allowed the company to see a different solution. It can design a variety of highly personalized shoe mold styles just in front of the computer. Not only is it convenient to modify, but also the output is extremely fast, and there is no need to worry about remaking the entire shoe model due to human negligence.

After this cooperation, with the high-quality 3D printer + super convenient and convenient printing software + various application 3D printing materials, UnionTech made Dakota deeply aware of the reliability of UnionTech's 3D printing digital solution for the shoe industry. According to Fernando, the person in charge of Dakota, they had purchased other 3D printers before, but they chose to terminate the cooperation with them because of the unsatisfactory equipment quality and service quality of the other party. Fernando said that in the future, 3D printing technology will have more room for development in shoe production, and the future is a world of digital production!

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