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Laser Cladding Deposition (LCD) for 3D Printing Technology

Laser cladding deposition (LCD) stands out in the market as a 3D printing category that came out a little later than DLP light-curing technology. It is similar but different from SLM and DLP 3D printing technology, and has become a rare dark horse in the field of 3D printing as it is highly sought after in many fields such as dentistry and IP!

First, the principle of LCD3D printing technology:

With the same DLP3D printing technology, LCD curing 3D printing technology also belongs to the surface projection.

It's just that it uses the imaging principle of the LCD liquid crystal screen to slice the three-dimensional model into two-dimensional graphics, and then uses ultraviolet light to print the shape of the selective transparent area layer by layer through the LCD screen. The opaque part of the LCD screen blocks the ultraviolet light, so no curing reaction occurs, and the liquid resin layer irradiated becomes solid. Then, by adjusting the lifting height and repeating layer-by-layer printing, the target model is finally formed. This printing technology has high precision and strong expandability, so it has been widely used in dental and other fields once it is launched!

UnionTech LCD 3D Printer Matrix Series

UnionTech LCD 3D Printer Matrix Series

Second, LCD3D printing technology advantages:

high printing accuracy, LCD light-curing 3D printer generally use 4K or 8K resolution, so the products generated by the higher precision, surface finish is also better, for the printing of fine products can be said to be a sure win!

Fast printing speed, unlike SLA 3D printing technology's dot-molding, LCD 3D printing technology's large format moulding design greatly improves the efficiency of daily printing, and can better meet the mass production of the enterprise end!

Strong compatibility of consumables, LCD3D printing technology is highly compatible with printing materials, successfully solving the problems of difficult to buy and expensive consumables in the printing process, which is more cost-effective.


LCD3D printing technology printing sample

With the advantages of large format, high precision, and low cost, LCD3D printing technology has made a big splash in the field of 3D printing. LCD3D printing equipment is undoubtedly the best option for users pursuing efficient and high-quality printing with a low budget! In the future, LCD3D printing technology will continue to be optimised and improved, bringing more new applications and surprises to the 3D printing field!

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