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What Types of Applications Are Dlp and Lcd 3d Printing Technologies Particularly Suitable for?

The first dental application

Almost all dental applications can benefit from resin 3D printing, such as orthodontics, prosthetics and implants, with some of the top orthodontic braces manufacturers printing and making over 700,000 models per day.

The second application is in product prototyping validation

Benefiting from advances in 3D printing materials, more and more engineers are using high-precision 3D printers in their offices for product prototyping. Resin 3D printers are ideal for rapid validation of product prototypes, and there are now many high-performance resin materials with performance comparable to ABS, PC or silicone rubber. While traditional outsourcing of prototyping can potentially involve waiting weeks, prototyping can be done in hours using resin 3D printers.

The third educational direction of application

LCD and DLP 3D printers are often compact and easy to use, and more and more schools are using resin 3D printers for education or research. Jewelry is also an important application for resin 3D printing, and DLP and LCD 3D printing technologies can print very richly detailed features, even smaller than a hair. There are already many jewelry design studios using 3D printers and wax resins for product development.  

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