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Industrial 3D Printer Brand Recommendation

The introduction of industrial-grade 3D printers successfully iterated the traditional subtractive manufacturing process of the various shortcomings, it uses additive manufacturing technology to make industrial production smarter and more convenient. In the face of the saturated market situation, how to choose a trustworthy industrial-grade 3D printer, has become the focus of many industry insiders. So which brand of industrial 3D printer is actually a good one?



UnionTech Technology Industrial Grade 3D Printing Equipment Room

The so-called industrial-grade 3D printer can be generally understood as a 3D printing device with higher precision, faster efficiency, larger format, and better molding quality. It uses internal high-quality high-end accessories and intelligent cutting-edge technology to effectively meet the industrial-grade intelligent, large-volume, and high-efficiency production needs. As one of the first domestic companies to enter the field of additive manufacturing, UnionTech's industrial-grade 3D printing equipment can well meet the above needs


UnionTech's industrial-grade 3D printer meets mass production

From abstract concepts to concrete practical applications, UnionTech has spent 23 years promoting 3D printing technology to take root in the Chinese market. Industrial-grade 3D printing equipment, as its first application field, has become increasingly mature with the accumulation of years of experience and the blessing of innovative technologies. Among them, the most noteworthy industrial-grade 3D printers under UnionTech are the star products—the Lite series.



UnionTech industrial-grade 3D printer—Lite series


The Lite series products under UnionTech include Lite600, Lite800 and other models. As a series of products developed and produced for industrial applications, it has built-in professional-grade high-end accessories, equipped with AI intelligent algorithms and micron-level liquid level control systems. It can easily carry out high-capacity, high-precision, and high-density automated industrial production. It provides a one-stop solution for large-format overall printing and small-format high-volume printing, helping enterprises achieve the ideal state of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.



 UnionTech industrial-grade 3D printer Lite600&Lite800


Features of Lite series products:

High stability

Continuous operation and stable performance

Variable spot

Faster molding efficiency and higher precision

Negative pressure adsorption scraper

Smooth operation, stable printing with 0.1mm layer thickness


In addition to the strong performance of the equipment itself, UnionTech's industrial-grade 3D printers - Lite series can easily achieve a comprehensive multi-industry applications, whether it is in the manufacture of hand-boards, electronics and electrical appliances, automotive manufacturing, aerospace, architectural design, or toys and animation, cultural creativity, precision casting, auxiliary medical treatment, and other fields have a wide range of applications.


UnionTech industrial-grade 3D printer in the field of hand plate application


UnionTech industrial-grade 3D printer in the automotive field applications


UnionTech industrial-grade 3D printer in the field of orthodontic applications


UnionTech industrial-grade 3D printer in the field of animation applications



UnionTech industrial-grade 3D printer in the field of construction applications



UnionTech industrial-grade 3D printer in the field of footwear applications 


UnionTech Industrial Grade 3D Printer in Transparent Parts Application 


UnionTech industrial-grade 3D printer in the field of cultural and creative applications

Therefore, regardless of multi-dimensional considerations such as brand reputation, equipment performance, and industry applications, UnionTech has successfully broken through the siege in a highly saturated market environment with its 23 years of accumulation. It is also adhering to the concept of technological innovation and customer first that makes more people think of UnionTech when they mention industrial-grade 3D printing equipment. In the future, UnionTech will also embrace changes and continue to innovate, bringing more surprises and possibilities to the field of additive manufacturing.







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