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How is 3D printing technology used in the automotive and aerospace industries?

Application of 3D printing in the automotive field

The light-curing technology of UnionTech company features high precision and high surface quality, and has rich experience in automotive development trial production as well as small batch production. Through 3D printing technology to quickly authenticate the appearance, assembly and function, and use 3D proofing to quickly convert the prototype into various molds, which greatly shortens the cycle of product development and trial production.

As a symbol of the Industry 4.0 era, 3D printing has been widely used in the field of automotive design and parts. The rapid development of 3D printing technology will surely promote the development of the 3D printing car manufacturing industry and fully open the era of intelligent manufacturing. The current application of 3D printing technology in the automotive industry is no longer limited to simple conceptual model design, and is moving towards the mass production of more functional parts, penetrating into various fields of auto parts.

Application of 3D printing in aerospace field

The aerospace manufacturing field integrates all the high-tech technologies of a country, and it is the back-up support field where the national strategic plan can be implemented and the political situation can be displayed. As a new manufacturing technology, 3D printing technology has outstanding advantages in application in the aerospace field. 

3D printing technology can shorten the research and development cycle of new aerospace equipment.

It can improve the utilization rate of DLP & LCD materials(liqcreate premium model and liqcreate wax castable), save expensive and strategic materials, and reduce manufacturing costs.

It can optimize the structure of parts, reduce weight, reduce the stress concentration, and increase service life;.

It can be repaired quickly to parts etc.

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