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A Singaporean Car Enthusiast's Car Modification Plan

Customising Andy's car with a one-of-a-kind turbo intake booster pipe


Andy is a car enthusiast and car modification fanatic. Currently, he wants to modify his car's turbocharger pipe to produce more boost and better driving performance. But the problem was, he needed to install a customised turbocharger hose, which requires a very large capacity air reservoir, Andy went to various markets in Singapore and was at a loss to find the right part.


Finally, he found Additive3D Asia, a partner of UnionTech in Singapore, and after communication, they decided on the solution, technical route and materials to be used. Andy's modification idea was very unique, he wanted to enlarge the turbo intake space as much as possible, so that the middle part of the turbo intake charge pipe would have a larger charge chamber, and Additive3D Asia decided to use a Uniontech SLA light-curing 3D printer to provide the solution.


" This will be the first time for Additive3D Asia to use a Luen Thai SLA 3D printer to provide such a solution, and we are very confident that Luen Thai has the processes, products, and solutions in the field of 3D printing SLA!

--Jason, Co-Founder of Additive3D Asia


l CAD Modelling

l Light Curing 3D Printing

l Carbon Fibre Moulding


l Industrial white photosensitive resin

l Carbon Fibre

What is the effect of increasing the boost chamber volume?

     Experimental results have shown that engine performance can be improved by increasing the boost chamber volume from 2 to 8 times the engine displacement. Increasing the boost chamber volume to more than 8 times the engine displacement can significantly improve performance parameters.

Does the boost chamber effect increase power?

     At higher engine speeds, power increases significantly with increasing boost chamber size. Peak power output increases from 54kW for the 1.2L supercharger chamber to 63kW for the 6.0L supercharger chamber, an increase of 17 per cent. It is worth noting that the boost chamber size appears to have a greater effect on peak power at engine speed than peak torque.

Light-cured 3D Printing Workflow

     After understanding the customer's requirements, Additive3D Asia, a partner of UnionTech in Singapore, conducted an on-site research and quickly developed a design proposal. After several revisions and finalising the final design, it was determined that a high-precision white photosensitive resin prototype would be produced using the Lite600 3D printer from UnionTech, and verified through design and assembly. Finally, its 3D printed resin prototype was used as a model to complete the manufacturing of carbon fibre final parts.


Lite 600, a powerful and flexible 3D printer

Lite600 is the main SLA 3D printer of UnionTech for the global market, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, high stability, high precision, etc. Lite600 can realise the thickness of delamination of 0.05-0.25mm, and the surface quality of the printed samples has a fairly high standard of surface quality and cleanliness, and the precision is within 0.1mm. With automatic control and adjustment of the liquid level and fully automatic setting of process parameters, the Lite 600 also has variable spot technology to maximise printing efficiency.



UnionTech provides perfect 3D printing solutions

UnionTech has always been oriented to customer needs and customised its R&D strategy according to the differentiated needs of customers, so as to provide customers with professional integrated solutions of 3D printing technology and high-quality pre-sales and after-sales services. At present, UnionTech's products have been widely used in electronics and electrical appliances, medical development, dental and dental, shoe mould manufacturing, educational applications, cultural creativity, construction, automotive and aerospace and other industries, throughout the industrial manufacturing and consumer goods production in many directions. The scale of the industry ranks in the forefront of the industry, and has a wide range of industry influence and brand awareness in the field of 3D printing.

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