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What is the future of dental 3D printing?

In the era of Industry 4.0, 3D printing technology has opened up a new production mode for various industries by riding the wind and waves. With more than 20 years of professionalism in the field of 3D printing, UnionTech continues to empower dental care. Today, we focus on analyzing the pain points of oral medical and dental experts to help denture processing companies provide more convenient production solutions.

Pain points of oral medical institutions

Dental medicine is a medical business carried out with oral medical services. With the improvement of people's awareness of tooth love in our country, more and more people pay attention to oral care. Therefore, today is the era of vigorous development of oral medical care in our country. In 2021, the scale of our country's oral medical service market will be about 150.7 billion yuan, and the expected growth rate from 2022 to 2026 will be as high as 15.6%. However, under the prospect of such rapid development, oral medicine is facing many problems!

01. There is an extreme shortage of dentists

According to the data analysis of the Health and Medical Commission, the number of dentists in our country will reach 221,000 in 2020, which also reflects the development of the oral medical industry from the side. However, in 2020, only 15.7 people will be assigned to every 100,000 people in our country, which is an astonishing ratio far below the international standard (dentist density per 100,000 population: 20 people). It can be seen that there is an urgent need for talents in stomatological medical institutions in our country today, and we must be alert to the extreme shortage of stomatologists, which will lead to some deviations in treatment and service.

02. Unequal distribution of dental medical resources

At present, under the injection of capital, our country's oral medical industry mainly relies on the stimulation of market demand and defaults on the support of the government. According to data from the Ministry of Education, the number of stomatology graduates in our country is about 10,000 each year, and most of the dental talents go to the economically developed eastern coastal areas for development. In addition, there are also great differences in the distribution of stomatological hospitals among regions. Economically developed regions such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou are significantly higher than those in the central and western regions of our country.

Dental Specialist Pain Points

01. The cost of communication is high and it is difficult to save important information

When performing dental surgery or restoration, it is necessary to contact multiple manufacturers. In addition, the application threshold of dental design software is relatively high, and it is difficult for dental experts to get started, and it is necessary to communicate with designers in many ways. In the process of preparing for dental surgery, you need to contact a reliable technician yourself, otherwise there will be a huge risk to the operation without the assistance of a technician. As a result, dental experts have to communicate with technicians, designers, and manufacturers in multiple ways, which greatly increases communication costs, and important information is inadvertently ignored.

02. Case management costs are high and difficult to trace

Dental experts now spend a huge amount of time on system management. The current case management system used by dental experts cannot be traced back to products, and it is difficult to perfectly cooperate with design software. In addition, the cases of different clinics are also in different systems, and the operation of each system is not the same, and dental experts need to spend a lot of energy to manage them.


Relying on 3D printing technology

Fine Porcelain Dentures & UnionTech jointly create a new model of dental care

Aiming at the pain points of the oral medical industry and dental experts, Fine Porcelain Dentures, as a senior denture processing medical 3D printing companies, has established a design system-service package-chairside service for oral medical institutions and dental experts with the support of 3D printing technology and customer-centric - One-stop digital solution for case management.

The provision of the four major solutions has brought new vitality to dental care. Among them, digitalization runs through the whole process, subverting the traditional mode of treatment that required the experience of doctors in the past. Breaking the boundaries of space, there is no barrier to communication between patients and doctors, ensuring more accurate and efficient treatment.

Among them, the design system is specially developed for dental experts. It is easy to use and aims to provide comprehensive design functions for dental experts. And help dental experts save unnecessary time costs and complete their work efficiently. The provision of service packages, chairside services and case management solutions has effectively opened up a series of links such as case ordering, case communication, plan confirmation, preoperative preparation, intraoperative use of products/services, and postoperative evaluation. It saves a lot of communication, time and labor costs for many medical institutions and dental experts.


Digital Dental Application Scenarios

Cloud transmission of image data to accurately determine the design plan

After the order is placed on the FC implant supply chain platform for fine porcelain dentures, the FC Implant guide plate software enters the dental mold and CSCT 3D data processing to restore the oral situation of the patient with high precision. After the data transmission is completed, it can be quickly saved to the platform, which greatly reduces the model taking process.

Based on the data, design and plan the most accurate implant plan, confirm the best position of the virtual implant in the patient's alveolar bone, make predictions in advance, and guide the actual operation.

Using 3D printing technology as a medium to achieve high-quality dental treatment

The digital oral application system developed by UnionTech Technology has brought great changes to the production of fine porcelain dentures. With the support of 3D printing technology, high speed dental 3D printer, oral medical surgical guides, dental models, temporary crowns, prosthetic dentures, personalized implant temporary abutments and other dental medical products can be produced with high precision and high efficiency.

(Surgical guide and dental model completed by 3D printing technology)

(Personalized implant temporary abutments)

(Temporary restoration of dentures)

The excellent quality of the product brings double insurance for doctors and patients

The implantation guide plate printed by Luentech Dental 3D printer, together with the special surgical tool box provided by Fine Ceramic Denture FC, can achieve precise implantation. According to previous data integration, the actual position of the implant in the alveolar bone has a deviation of less than 1.2 mm from the pre-operative planned position. Under the guidance of high-precision surgical guides, the implant temporary abutment and temporary prosthesis can be brought in while the implant is implanted.

(The doctor tries on the implant guide in the patient's mouth and prepares to start the implant surgery)

With the help of UnionTech's 3D printing technology, the FC implant platform for fine porcelain dentures is fully digitized, providing a one-stop implant solution for clinic doctors and patients. For doctors, doctors can complete implant guides, implant accessories, and plan communication and confirmation in the supply chain. For patients, they can achieve the diagnosis and treatment effect of wearing teeth on the day of implantation. This harmonious scene is also brought by technology. inevitable result.

UnionTech's latest launch

S series new generation ultra-efficient 3D printer S300+

High-performance DLP technology is specially designed for dental care

Ultra-high efficiency ·Ultra-high stability ·Ultra-high intelligence ·Ultra-large format

1. The stainless steel panel is newly upgraded to a lightweight aluminum plate

The surface exposure efficiency is accelerated linearly, and the printing speed is increased by 50%!

2. Built-in heating circulation system

Accurately ensure the constant temperature in the printing chamber, and the stability of the equipment is increased by 80%!

3. Equipped with status indicator light

Monitor the printing status at any time, and the printing process is safe and orderly!

4. Large format automatic oral 3D printing equipment

The built-in Unionfab ONE system can wake up the slicing software with one key, and realize intelligent operation and printing easily. Compared with the first-generation S300, the S300+ device adopts the optical path sealing technology, and the service life of the optical machine is greatly enhanced.

5. Added six adjustment functions

Optical path vertical adjustment mode; distortion correction changed from manual to automatic; automatic uniformity correction; automatic hole avoidance measurement; power correction of self-made power meter; a set of self-made power meter automatic correction tooling! Consistency increased by 60%!

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