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Under the trend of comprehensive digitalization, the development of Union Tech's oral 3D printing technology (Part 2)

Comprehensive layout, DLP technology digs deep into industrial applications

In addition to orthodontic invisible correction, UnionTech has also developed rapidly in the field of dentistry in recent years, using 3D printing technology to manufacture crowns, bridges, and dentures. In 2017, UnionTech officially established the Dental Application Division, invested more than 10 million in R&D funds, invested in three dimensions of hardware, software, and materials (including stereolithography resin, liqcreate premium model and liqcreate wax castable, and did a lot of work to invent the EvoDent series that is professionally used in stomatology. EvoDent series products are DLP technology, from research and development, production, sales, service, from the technical level, to help the application of deep digging. At present, most factories or dental clinics in China are using industrial DLP 3d printer to print models of oral implants, repair models and guides for implant surgery.


Restoration model printing, implant model printing, and oral implant guide printing are important links in the entire oral restoration. The traditional process is characterized by manual manufacturing, long manufacturing cycle, cumbersome process and low precision. Through 3D printing digitization, the production greatly simplifies the traditional process, especially the digital implantation guide. Through oral scanning, design, and 3D printing, real precision implantation and precision medicine can be achieved, reducing waiting time for patients, improving patient comfort, reducing overall surgical risks, and bringing patients more comfortable, fast, and safe experience.

The rapid development and wide application of UnionTech 3D printing technology in the field of oral cavity compared with the previous ten years is mainly due to the following reasons:

On the one hand, due to the impact of the general environment, the transition period from technology entry to market application is completed, and the demand is also increasing rapidly after the application is implemented. On the other hand, the reliability of UnionTech's brand and product technology has been quickly recognized by the entire industry and customers in terms of hardware and market service capabilities.

Another more important reason is that all of UnionTech's product development and technology research are based on the needs of the market and users. The definition of the product are targeted, too. Every product and technology has undergone internal testing, process improvement, and optimization before being delivered to customers for testing. After customers ' approve, they will be put into market operation in batches. UnionTech's technology and product performance are strongly guaranteed.


With 20 years of development, UnionTech has penetrated deeply into the entire oral cavity, including invisible orthodontics, dental prosthetics, and dental implants, and has integrated into the entire market. Industrial SLA 3D printer technology has accounted for more than 30% of the invisible orthodontic market, and DLP technology has accounted for nearly 20% of the market. At present, the application of the entire market is still gradually improving rapidly. From the perspective of business, the domestic and international dental market has a very good development prospect. The person in charge of the company’s dental business department said: “We attach great importance to this application. In the future, we hope that we can gradually increase the comprehensive market share of DLP technology."

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