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Invisible Braces and 3D Printing

The orthodontic industry is at the forefront of digital applications in the dental field, and is currently shifting and pushing towards a fully digital process. As people's standard of living improves, the pursuit of beauty and comfort is also increasing, and at the same time the trayless invisible orthodontic technology and braces came into being. The development of computers and software has facilitated the continuous development and upgrading of invisible orthodontic systems, bringing patients a comfortable and aesthetic orthodontic experience. The consumer population of trayless invisible orthodontic technology is growing linearly, the invisible orthodontic market has ushered in a period of rapid growth, the industry has a better development prospect, and the invisible orthodontic market may experience explosive growth in the future. The 20-year development history of oral invisible orthodontic treatment is completely built on the basis of 3D technology. The maturity of 3D printing technology provides a precision tooth model prototype for invisible braces, so that invisible braces have a reliable technical guarantee.

A headline company in the orthodontic industry has dramatically adopted a fully automated production line to replace manual work, significantly reducing the company's overall costs.

So how can we achieve fully automated production?

Fully automated 3D printed digital solutions

The maturity of 3D printing technology provides precision dental prototypes for invisible braces, which is the basic process for subsequent thermo compression moulding and fabrication of invisible aligners. UnionTech provides a fully automated 3D printing digital solution for the orthodontic industry.


Three products tailored to the orthodontic industry


Orthodontic industry 3D printing Internet platform really achieve fully automated production of powerful tools 3D printing cloud manufacturing SAAS platform Unionfab can quickly and cost-effectively help orthodontic factories to complete the intelligent upgrade. Functions include intelligent automatic quotation, customer service order management system, data booster assistance, intelligent scheduling, remote production management, equipment digital management, etc., to quickly improve the enterprise customer service experience, factory production efficiency, business management level.

Core Value

1. Subvert the traditional production process

2. Optimise the data preparation process

3. Production information fine management

4. Meet enterprise IT management requirements

5. Easy to use and implement


Over the years, UnionTech has been deeply involved in the field of light-curing 3D printers, providing 3D printing solutions for different industries. At the same time, in order to meet the increasing demand of the orthodontic industry, UnionTech will continue to deepen the cooperation and continuously improve the application of digital technology in the orthodontic industry. In the future, UnionTech will further penetrate into various industries, turn more "impossible" into "possible", strengthen the business portfolio, empower industrial development, and provide customers with the industry's most cutting-edge 3D printing solutions.

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