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Digital Intelligent Manufacturing from the "Teeth" to Set Sail

As a major pioneer in the field of additive manufacturing in China, UnionTech, with its mature dental solutions and the latest intelligent equipment E128 & E230, made a stunning debut at the 26th China International Dental Equipment Expo, with high-level technological innovation to help digital applications from the "teeth" to set sail!


Dental New LCD 3D Printer-E128&E230

The E128 & E230, as the latest 3D printers for dentistry under the EvoDent brand of UnionTech Dental, can utilise digital cutting-edge technology to achieve ideal working conditions in the dental industry:


E128 is specially developed for chairside 3D printing. The 128×81×150mm print format design can meet the small batch and customised printing needs of single or pairs of dental models, with one-key start digital printing process and open material application. It effectively helps patients to personalise and customise while greatly improving the treatment efficiency of dentists.


E230 adopts 219×124×190mm large format moulding design, which can meet the printing needs of all dental applications, and can be applied to both outpatient clinics and technicians. The heating system equipped in the moulding chamber effectively reduces the dependence on external temperature during the printing process and upgrades the printing stability again.

Newly Upgraded DLP 3D Printer for Dentistry-U One


As a special 3D printing device for dental clinics, U One has a built-in intelligent movement and "5+2" AI intelligent control technology, which can guarantee the uniformity of light intensity up to 93% during the printing process, and the printing precision is upgraded again. With the design of full-touch HD screen, the whole process of printing operation can be triggered by one key, and the high-level technical innovation can easily unlock the new way of dental 3D printing.

3D Printer for Dental Implant Models-S200


S200 adopts a large format design of 192 × 108 × 200 mm, with a printing speed of up to 40mm/h, and can print 6-12 half-mouth models at a time. And it is equipped with semi-automatic power correction function, which can effectively reduce the rate of aberration and perfectly present the excellent surface quality of dental models, providing accurate and efficient digital solutions for dental clinics.

Dental Expert Online Q&A

Experts from the Dental Division of UnionTech Science and Technology came out in force to bring the audience an in-depth interpretation of "3D printing technology empowers the digital transformation of the dental industry" from the technical explanation, product analysis, application sharing and other dimensions. The demand for products in the dental field has the characteristics of thousands of people, and the emergence of additive manufacturing technology can be the perfect "stack" out of each side, this unique process, successfully helping the dental industry to achieve the digital curve!


Industry Applications

In addition to the professional equipment and dry goods science and technology, UnionTech also demonstrated the diversified application models of 3D printing technology in the field of dentistry. Implant models, guides, temporary crowns, artificial gums, temporary implant bridges, restorative models, orthodontic models and other samples printed by professional equipment of UnionTech brought a more intuitive and concrete experience to the audience.


The perfect fusion of additive manufacturing technology and the dental field has successfully subverted all the drawbacks of the traditional process, effectively opened up the stubborn barriers between doctors and patients, and realised the idealised state of consultation of "patients on the top and doctors on the bottom". In the future, UnionTech will continue to innovate and empower the new ecology and strong life of digital dentistry with outstanding technology and excellent products!

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